All I ever think about is him....

So, there is a boy at school who I like. A LOT. He is nice to me and plays pranks on me.Things are great between me and him. There is one problem. He has a girlfriend who he loves. I won't get in the way of their relationship but I just love him so much. What can I do?


8. In the middle of the dance floor

I am dancing, putting in everything that I have got. I haven't seen Jamie in about half an hour, maybe he is in the garden. I dance backwards into somebody. I spin around to say sorry, and they are doing the same. It is Jamie. He is a bit drunk. A slow song comes on. Perfect timing.His arms are around my waist before I can even blink. I smile and put my arms around his neck. It is dark, with rainbow lights flashing and confetti in the air. I look into his eyes. He leans towards me and presses his lips to mine. I kiss him back. We both get really into the kiss. Cameras flash, and I know that this is going to be all over twitter and facebook. I cringe, and pull myself together. I just kiss him more and more. When we pull apart, he is grinning at me. I grin back give him a hug. I love him so much......

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