All I ever think about is him....

So, there is a boy at school who I like. A LOT. He is nice to me and plays pranks on me.Things are great between me and him. There is one problem. He has a girlfriend who he loves. I won't get in the way of their relationship but I just love him so much. What can I do?


6. Again.

So, I am heading of to Jamie's party. It will be fun. Now that we are in year 11, we can get a bit drunk, and have sex. This is going to be amazing. His parents are out of town. I have heard that all of year 11 are going to be there, and some graduates. I wander open his creaky gate. The party hasn't started yet. I am here to help him set up. I just open the door. It is never locked. I sigh, Tanya is here. What joy. 'JAMIE!' I yell, run over and give him a huge hug. Tanya sighs and under her breath she mutters... 'how immature.' I am sure that Jamie heard her, but he says nothing. 'How ya feeling?'he asks me. I only hurt myself about 4 hours ago. 'Fine thanks, smelly.'l say to him, run off, and hide behind the sofa. I am for it now. He grabs a cushion and jumps over the sofa to attack me. I scream and start running around. I grab another cushion and start whacking him back. Before long the pillows are broken and we are just running around in a room of raining feathers. He then grabs me and we escalate into a full on tickle fight. I manage to look around between tickles, and I see that Tanya has left the room. The only reason that we stop is as there is a knock on the door. I get up, and we both walk to the door. It must look pretty suspicious as when we open the door, Emma says 'Oh God, I will just leave you two to it! ' I reverse and look in the mirror. I have crumpled clothes and feathers in my hair. Oh God. 'What could have happened? Tanya is helping set up as well!' I say and shove Jamie. He shoves me back and  then we have shove fight. 'God, you two would make a great couple!' Emma says and grins. Me and Jamie turn bright red and start to stutter. 'Errrr, come in!' he says and we wander in.


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