The Last Vampire *one direction*

Alisa Monroe is no the run. The US government is pursuing her, intent on obtaining her vampire DNA. But her blood is way too deadly and dangerous to be allowed into the public domain!


2. Red dice: chapter 1

I am a vampire. Blood does not phase me. I like blood. Even seeing my own blood does not frighten me. But why my blood can do to others-to the whole world for that matter-terrifies me. Once God made me take a vow to create no more vampires. Once I believed in God. But my belief, like my vow, has been shattered to a million times in my long life. I am Alisa Monroe, the now-forgotten Sita, child of the demon. I am the 6 oldest member on this planet. 

I awake in a living room smelling of death. I watch as my blood trickles through a thin plastic tube into the arm of Special Agent Joel Drake, FBI Che now lives as a vampire instead of the human being he was when he closed his eyes  I have broken my promise to Lord Louis - Joel did not want me tomalley him a vampire. Indeed, he told me not to, to let him die in peace. But I did not listen. Therefore, Louis' protection, his grace, no longer applies to me. But it means he will come to see me soon. Pherhaps it is good. Perhaps it is good. Maybe I will die soon. maybe not. I do not die easily. I remove the tubing from my arm and stand. At my feet lies the body of Mrs Fender, mother of Eric Fender, who also lies dead, in a freezer at the end of the hall. Eric had been a very powerful vampire, before I cut his head off! I step over his mothers body to search for a clock. Somehow I have misplaced my watch. A clock ticks in the kitchen above the stove. Ten to twelve. It is dark outside. I have been unconscious for more then 24-hours. I move back into the living room to see something stir in the corner "oh ahh someone's hear I better leave before I get captured!" Que the sarcasm. I hold my hands up and wave them around like I'm scared and pull a serious face. The mysterious person walks out. It turns out. He's my makers friend "oh hello harry what can I do ya for?" I ask "your a maker. Louis isn't impressed" harry says walking to Joel "step away from him harry" I say "hello to you too Alisa!" Niall says jumping out and hugging me from behind. I grab his arm and pop him oer making him land on the floor "you know I don't like hugs!" I say in his face "sorry. It's just I haven't seen you in 100 years" he says frowning "whatever" I grumble standing up. Niall is the second youngest vampire in the world and Louis is the oldest in the world "harry?" Niall says "are ya gonna tell her?" Niall says pointing to me "nope never" harry says facing the wall "HARRY!!" I say "OWW NOT SO LOUD!!" Harry screams holding his ears "what is it tell me please!!" I say not realizing Joel was awake "uh-huh!" Harry says crossing his arms over his chest "PLEASE!!" I say again hugging harry "you said you didn't like hugs!" Harry said "I said I don't I never said I won't do it" I say being cheeky ad sticking my tongue out "cheeky aren't you!" Niall says "anyways. Alisa I was wondering. Would you like it if I took you out to dinner tonight?" He says n not embarrassed at all "sure" I say "oh morning sleepy hard!" I say turning to see Joel with red eyes and white fangs "hi" he mumbles. 

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