Betrayal is something that I am dealing with. I have just recently became bi but its only temporary, I cant tell my parents because they dont support gay marriage. I trusted my friends with the secrets they knew, one friend let me down and now the entire school knows. People are thinking about me the wrong way, the way that people are thinking about me isnt the way I want them to see as. I know I shouldnt care about what people think but if you wanna tell my story tell my story with the correct facts and the knowledge and knowing everything!! This is for any situation, if you have been hurt or is being hurt because of betrayal let people know the real story and dont trust people that have big mouths... Trust is the most important chain in friendship, if someone breaks this chain they are not your real friends!


1. Trust

Trust is everything that makes a friendship, friendship. If you cant trust the people that you told secrets too, then whats the point of being friends? I have been betrayed before but never like this, I feel like a nobody at this point. I feel like a failure. Its hard for me to smile when I really want to. Its hard for me to stay positive. Its hard for me to love. Its hard for me to get that trust back. Whats your story?

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