Forty Two

Forty two days. That was all the time I had left in this world. My sickness is getting stronger and consequently I am getting weaker.

So I promised myself I wouldn't start anything new, nothing I wouldn't be here for to finish. But then I met him.



2. Day Two // Harry

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

- C.G Jung


I’d made the decision that I would go back to school. I only had a month left of Year 12 and at least that, I could finish. I made my way up the front path, everything seemed different. From the carefully aligned daises that lined the path, to the despised gnome that never seemed to get removed from the porch.

My mother was walking in front of me, head down, arms rigid, her familiar walk struck me with a sadness. It made me uncomfortable, it felt like I was already dead, and the next forty-two days were just a waiting period.

I heard a loud shout through the door, and a string of muttered curse words following. I strained my ears, hearing an unfamiliar accent, was there a robber in the house?

‘Mum.’ I whispered, eyes alert. ‘What was that? Did you hear it?’

She looked nervous, and fidgeted slightly with the hem of her frilly shirt. ‘Honey, look, you were in the hospital for a while, but we’ve only been notified of the news recently. I’m afraid we couldn’t cancel a few of the commitments with such short notice.’

My eyes narrowed. ‘What do you mean?’ I could feel familiar anger quickly hissing up in my chest, but it was almost as instantly muffled, and a wave of tiredness overcame my body. The monster’s work.

‘Well, you remember when we signed up for that student exchange program? Well—the lady said that we couldn’t cancel on such short notice, our guest had already packed and was on their way here.’

My head was a whirl but none of my thoughts were clear enough to comprehend. ‘So—‘

She cut me off. ‘So there’s a guy staying here as well, his name is Harry. I understand if you need your own space honey, that’s why we got him a separate room. Libby will stay in our room and he’s sleeping in hers at the moment.’

I closed my eyes as my world momentarily shook, and it took some time for me to focus my surroundings again.

‘Em, Emil? Are you alright?


‘…Ok. Well, come in and meet him then.’

Sighing I slowly followed her footsteps into the house; even the last days of my life I wouldn’t get any peace. My lips curled in amusement at the thought of what my friends would say at that thought, I could hear their voices, ‘You shouldn’t be treating this as a joke Em..’ ‘How could you say that at a time like this?’ Amusing myself with my friends thoughts, I locked the front door behind me and stepped into the corridor.

I heard Mum greet the guest, and head into the kitchen. Still amused, I headed into the lounge room.   

The smile immediately dropped from my face. His feet were on the coffee table, and he was sprawled on the couch, obviously without a care, with his sweaty hands around my favourite mug.

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ I dropped the bag full of my medical needs and stormed over to him. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’

He woke up with a start, obviously asleep, and flung the contents of my mug all over himself and the couch. His eyebrows furrowed, obviously momentarily confused at his whereabouts and the cause of his abrupt awakening. His eyes found mine, and he ran his hand through his hair in annoyance. Drips of what looked like tea flung all over the couch. I exclaimed and jumped backwards.

‘Excuse me but I believe the correct manners for when a guest is staying over is to treat them well, not like your fucking dog.’

The difference in our accents hit me again; his had a deep, throaty tone to it, definitely British. He groaned heavily, put his hand to his forehead and collapsed back on the couch.

‘Could you get me some water and a towel Princess?’

I scoffed dramatically, narrowing my eyes at him, my dislike for him growing by the second. ‘Get it yourself.’

At that moment my mother entered the room. ‘Are you being nice Em?’

‘I’m being very welcoming.’ My tone dripped with sarcasm, and it was obvious my mother had picked up on it. She dragged me into the corridor, whipping Harry away from sight.

‘Emilia.’ She whispered fiercely. ‘Look, I know this is a really hard time for you, I want to be supporting you, but you also need to be helpful in your own way, and that means not infuriating the guest who is going to be staying with us the next two months.

My eyes widened in disbelief. ‘Two months?! Are you kidding?’

She sighed heavily, and I could see her age being more pronounced in the slight bags underneath her eyes. ‘Honey, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do, and we might as well make this experience more enjoyable rather than not… Do you need to get some rest, weren’t you really tired before?’ She added as an afterthought.

My forehead crinkled in thought, at the realisation that I didn’t feel as fatigued as a few moments ago. The anger that was still slowly coursing through me seemed to have made it slightly disappear.

‘Um, I’ll get some rest now.’

‘Emmy, can you come apologise to Harry first?’

I groaned in defeat, and tilted slightly to the side so I could see an inch of curly hair. I instantly moved back, not wanting to see it, but I was awarded with a stern look from my mum.

I walked into sight, arms rigid and chin high, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. A heavy smirk was plastered on his face, his expression waiting.

I cleared my throat. ‘I—I’m sorry.’

‘For what Em?’ My mother aided.

His eyebrows rose expectantly and I felt the urge to punch him.

‘For waking you up in an indecent way and not acting like a proper host.’

His smile grew, and his accent came through again. ‘That’s quite alright Princess.’

My mum smiled, obvious pleased with the outcome and went in the kitchen. There was silence in the room. Harry had gotten out his phone and was smirking as he scrolled, seemingly oblivious to my presence.

‘Do you mind?’

He held up a finger to silence me, using his other hand to type at an alarming rate. A few seconds past and I huffed in annoyance, my foot tapping impatiently on the floorboards.

He looked up. ‘Could you quit staring? It’s unsettling.’

I nearly did almost punch him and for a second I was lost for words. ‘Excuse me?’ My voice was incredulous. ‘Could you move your fat arse off the couch so that more than one person can sit at a time?’

His typing stopped and looked up. Our eyes met and I could feel annoyance radiating from his. ‘Look Princess, there are plenty of other chairs in this household that I’m sure you can go plant your arse on, so why don’t you go there, and stop harassing me, because I sure am not moving.’

I scoffed. Was he serious?

Grabbing a hold of his boots, I violently lifted his legs off the couch and threw them onto the floor, the noise echoing in the room. I quickly sat down, a triumphant smile on my face as I reached for the remote.

My focus was upon the TV, my brain registering the moving images, but I could still see him looking at me in my peripheral vision. I turned to face him.

‘What?’ But as I turned, his gaze was on his phone.

‘What?’ He mimicked. ‘I’m not the one who just physically abused their guest.’

‘You were staring at me.’

He laughed. It was a higher laugh than I expected, yet it still seemed mocking. ‘Get over yourself.’

I sat back on the couch, my teeth biting on my lip to prevent myself from acting out. My head had just started to spin and I shut my eyes tightly in an attempt to slow it down. He wasn’t worth it. I know what I saw. Mum’s head popped up around the corner.

‘Dinner’s ready guys, oh and Em don’t forget to talk Harry through your school; I’ll drive you both tomorrow.’

‘Wha—What?’ I looked around, bewildered at Harry. ‘What does she mean?’

‘I’m an Exchange. Student.’ He stretched his words, taunting me. ‘It generally means you go to another country to study in another school.’

My mouth lay agape. No. No this can’t be happening.

‘Actually Pam, I think I’ll be ok I had something to eat earlier, but thankyou.’ Harry shouted. He got up off the couch, and ruffled his hair again. His height suddenly struck me. Tall would be an understatement. My family wasn’t the tallest bunch, and to see someone that height was strange, especially in our house.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow Princess.’ And with that he turned down the corridor.

‘I have a name!’ I yelled, quickly infuriated again. He turned around and in the dimly lit corridor I could see him wink. That bastard.

I turned into the kitchen. ‘Mum.’ My voice was expectant.

‘Will you be ok to got tomorrow honey? I just wanted you to show Harry around, that’s all. But if you don’t feel well of course you don’t have to go.  

Her tone brought me back to reality. My sickness. My monster. I needed normal; I didn’t want things to change just yet.

‘Ok I’ll go.’

She smiled, a sad smile, yet the creases still formed around her eyes. I really didn’t want things to change.



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