Twist In My Story


31. Wedding Day Pt. 1

June 9th


l hurry up the stairs as fast as a crippled one can do in heels and on crutches. Sarah, Brooke, Perrie, and of course Cheradyn, are already inside the church. l took too long getting ready, therefore, I'm behind. I hate being late. l finally make it to the room where all the girls are at and there Cheradyn is. She looks absolutely stunning. Sarah sees me come in and gives me a hug.

"I knew you'd be running late," she says as she winks.

"I know it," I say feeling guilty.

During my childhood, I was late to almost everything. It wasn't necessarily my fault, but once you get into that habit, it's very hard to get back out of.

"We thought we should let you do Cheradyn's hair," says Brooke.

"Good thing I came here now then, huh?" I say.
I walk over to Cheradyn and give her a huge hug.

"What does it feel like to almost be married?" I ask.

"Honestly, I'm nervous, "she says.

"I don't think there's anything to be nervous about," I say. "Just don't trip or something in front of everyone, like I would probably do, and I think you'll be just fine."

She chuckles a little bit and I go straight to working on her hair. I decide to curl it and put her hair in a loose, but elegant bun with braids around it. l smile to myself at my work and let everyone observe it.

"You did a beautiful job, Morgan!" says Perrie.

"Thank you!"

"Thank you so much!" Cheradyn exclaims.

"No problem!"

All of us bridesmaids finish getting ready and make sure that Louis doesn't come in to see his bride early. Finally, it's time to start the wedding. We, the bridesmaids, have on turquoise dresses on with brown ribbons around our waist, and the boys have on turquoise ties with brown vests and a black tuxedo. Louis is the only one in black and white. Cheradyn walks up to the alter, and Louis' face is priceless. He looks like someone finding something more valuable than their life, and that's exactly what Cheradyn means to him. They exchange their vows, a few happy tears are shed from a few guests, and off we all go to the reception. We dance practically the whole night and do the regular traditions. All of us girls crowd around Cheradyn as it's time for her to throw the bouquet. 
"Okay ladies, let's all be civil here, and whoever gets it, gets it," Sarah says. 
"I agree with you, but I'm not sure how this rule is gonna stick," I say.  
"Eh, it's worth a shot."
Cheradyn is helped onto a chair to stand on, and all of us turn our attention to her. You can hear the smack talk start in low voices as she is about to throw it. The arrangement of flowers is tossed into the air and I don't even try to catch it. l cover my head and close my eyes, afraid that someone will tackle me, but no one does. I hear loud gasps and then hooting and hollering. l open my eyes and see my best friend has the bouquet. A smirk appears on my face as I think of what I'm about to say. 
"Looks like you're going to be the next one married!"
"Whatever," Sarah says as she smiles and rolls her eyes.
She doesn't believe me now, but we'll see.

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