Twist In My Story


4. Twist In My Story



My alarm clock blares Sleeping With Sirens. Wait, my alarm clock? I turn it off and look around. What the hell? I don't remember coming home last night from the boys' house. From my knowledge, the boys haven't even shared a house since I have known them. I get up and go downstairs to find Jesse making breakfast. Okay, this is not cool. What is going on? I walk into the kitchen and Jesse's eyes light up.

"Hey babe," he says as he kisses my cheek.

"Um, hi?" Jesse put some eggs on a plate for me, gets a fork, and then gives it to me.

"Thanks," I say.

I start eating and I finish in what seems like two seconds. I go to the sink to go rinse off my plate and fork. As I turn the water on, I feel Jesse wrap is arms around me. I thought we broke up a week ago...

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I'm giving you a hug," he says confused.

I turn the water off after rinsing my plate off and turn around so that he isn't hugging me from behind anymore. I am genuinely confused.

"I thought-" I say, but don't finish my sentence.

"Thought what?" Jesse asks as he pushes my hair away from my face.

"What's today?" I ask.


"No, I mean the date."

"Oh. It's October 1st."

October 1st?! Yesterday was September 30th. Oh my god. Everything was I dream. I feel a little disappointed. No, you can't say that. Jesse is your boyfriend and he is amazing. All you had was a dream. It would never actually happen.

"Oh okay," I say. I hug him back, but it doesn't feel as nice as Niall's hugs in my dream.

"So, I have something to tell you," Jesse says a little nervous.

"Alright, shoot," I say as I sit on top of the counter.

Jesse takes one of my hands and starts to fidget with my fingers.

"Well, you know how I said that if my book made enough of a profit, I would buy a place in London?"

"Yes!" I exclaim with excitement.

"Well, how would you like to move to London with me?"

"I would love to!" I say as I hug him tightly.

Jesse has seemed to relax now and he hugs me even tighter. About a few months ago, Jesse decided to write a fictional book. It got very good reviews and got popular very quickly.

"I'm so proud of you," I say.

"I'm so glad you are coming with me," he says as he kisses my cheek.

Jesse rests his hands on my hips, looking at me, his eyes going back and forth from my eyes to my lips. He is slowly leaning in, and I just sit there stiff. I don't know how I feel exactly about this, especially after my dream felt so real. Jesse and I have kissed before though. I don't really know why I'm so worried. Jesse presses his lips on mine, and I kiss him back. It feels different though. Stop it, Morgan. You shouldn't base your life on such a stupid dream.

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