Twist In My Story


33. Trouble

June 15th

Sarah went back to Lubbock after the wedding, but will be back in time for the concert. Brooke and Liam are getting the last touches done in their nursury, Cheradyn and Louis are on their honeymoon, and my foot is still in a boot. Now, I sit on the bed amd watch Niall look at himself in the mirror. Niall sprays his cologne and touches up a few loose pieces of his hair before he goes out the door. He and the boys are going for a guys' night at a club for the first time in forever. 

"I'll probably get home late. Don't stay up and wait for me," Niall tells me as he kisses my cheek. 


I make him give me a kiss on the lips instead of just a quick peck on the cheek and I send him off. Netflix is going to be my boyfriend tonight.

I meet the boys inside the club. We all get seats and order some alcohol. 

Liam smiles at all of us, "First time we've done this in a while, huh lads?"

"Yeah, it feels weird," I say.

Zayn speaks up, "Yeah, but it's not complete without Louis."

"Maybe we should have waited for him to get back?" Harry asks.

"Nah. We'll be doing it again anyway," says Liam.

We all take a sip of our alcohol and look around at everyone dancing. There are people dancing dirty all over the place, and it makes me wonder why we would even come to these things in the first place. I'm guessing it was the thrill. Plus, we didn't have girlfriends or wives. 

"Zayn and I will have to leave early," Liam tells us. 

"Alright. We'll probably leave when you lads do," I say.

"Right you are," Harry adds.

After many glasses for me and hours later, Zayn and Liam go home. They have barely had anything to drink though. I, on the other hand, have had one too many. 

"Niall," Harry says. "You don't need anymore to drink."

"Why not?" I slur.

"Because you're drunk."

"Just let me have a little fun, Harold. Live a little."

I don't even know what I'm doing as I join the crowd of people grinding against each other. A fit blonde girl in a skin tight dress dances against me and with being drunk, I dance with her back. I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders as they guide me away from the girl.

"What the-"

"Niall! Stop this. We need to get you home," Harry tells me sternly. 

"Why should I go home when i'm having a great time here?!"

"Because you have a girlfriend at home who is probably waiting for you."

And that is when my drunken state lessens only just a little bit. Harry reminds me of Morgan and I feel guilty towards my stupid actions I couldn't even control. Lights are flashing everywhere as Harry drags me out of the club. Inside, I feel my regular state fighting with my drunken state. My normal self says I'm being stupid and I should go with Harry. My drunken self says go back into the club with that girl. 

"Harry! Is Niall pretty hammered?" I hear a paparazzi say as I stumble. 

Harry just keeps walking past them and helps me to the car. 

"I need to go and get that hot girl back there," I hear a voice say.

"Damn it Niall!" Harry says as he covers my mouth. I guess I said that. 

"Who was Niall with?!" Another paparazzi says.

Everyone starts getting crazy as Harry puts me in the car. I sit in the passenger seat and feel the alcohol catching up to me. Great. Harry gets in the car and starts driving. My stomach decides to relieve itself onto the floormat and I hear Harry curse.

"At least it wasn't on me," I hear him say under his breath.

The car stops and Harry helps me out of the car. We have to go up an elevator to get to my flat, which makes me wish Morgan and I had an actual house, and Harry knocks on the door. I can barely keep my eyes open to see Morgan answer the door. I finally pass out.

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