Twist In My Story


10. The Break Up

Still October 7th


I hear a door slam and I bolt right up. Once again, I am confused by my surroundings, but then it all comes back and I realize that the one slamming the door was Jesse. He's finally back from his meeting. I turn around and Jesse is giving me a cold stare. I forgot I fell asleep on Niall. That probably wasn't something nice for Jesse to come back to. Niall has woken up too and looks pale, probably just as scared as I am.

"Jesse, I-"

"I don't want you to explain this, I don't want your shitty excuses! I knew I shouldn't have agreed staying with douche here!" Jesse yells and then motions to Niall.

This is it. I am finally going to blow my top.

"You know what? You are a possessive ass! You get so jealous when I do the littlest things! Everything's alright until your jealousy comes along and all hell breaks loose! Niall and I are best friends and I am sorry that you don't like that! I'm sorry that I'm not good enough for you! Actually, you're not good enough for me! You don't care about me until I talk to another guy other than you! You don't try to be there for me in the times I need it and you never tell me anything! I don't even know why I thought we could work!"

I am out of breath from yelling so much and my heart is racing. That felt good, really good.

"Morgan, I'm sorry. I didn't m-"

"Get out, Jesse," I whisper, out of breath.

"Babe, I-"

"I said get out Jesse! Moving here to London with me is over, we're over!"

Jesse shuts up, nods to me, and goes to the bedroom to get his stuff. I sigh and start thinking about everything. Where am I going to live? When will I be able to get my stuff from his house? I guess I will start looking at flights tonight to go back to Lubbock. Jesse comes back in a few minutes later with his stuff and leaves without saying a word. I sigh and sit back on the couch. Niall sits next to me and rubs my back, knowing that what I did wasn't easy. That's when I lose it. Tears start running down my face. I'm not crying because Jesse's gone now. I am going to be over him fast. I'm crying because I feel guilty, overwhelmed, single. I yelled in his face and left us on a bad note. I told him to leave without even making sure he had somewhere to go. Gosh, thinking about this makes me realize I'm too nice. I care too much. And about feeling single? I feel so alone now. Maybe the reason I stayed with him for so long was because I felt like I would end up alone. I don't know what to do now. My tears have stopped and Niall wipes the ones left on my face away. I look at Niall and give him a small smile. We stare at each other for minute, and I take in all the detail. Niall's soft, blonde hair that has a few places that are messy, but cute. His gorgeous blue eyes that make me melt. I look away, realizing that I might be making things awkward. I have realized I really like Niall, but he will probably never like me back.

"Hey, can I use your laptop?" I ask.

"Sure." Niall quickly gets his laptop and sets it in my lap.

I instantly start looking for flights. I haven't planned anything for after I get my stuff, but I need to get there as soon as possible. I want to be gone before Jesse goes back.

"Why are you going back?" Niall asks looking over my shoulder.

"I need to move out of Jesse's house asap. I just don't know where to move to."

"Move here."

"I-seriously? Niall, that's too much. I can't-"

"Seriously, Morgan. Move here. Get me a ticket too. I'm coming with you."

"I can only afford one, Niall."

"I'll pay for both," he says without even thinking about it.

"Quit offering nice things! You probably just feel bad for me, and you don't need to."

"I seriously mean it, love. I'm not doing it because I feel bad for you."

"But you do feel bad for me," I say while raising an eyebrow.

Niall just shrugs and smiles at me. I sigh and figure out a way to settle this.

"Okay, I'll pay for my ticket. You pay for yours. Good?"

Niall nods and we pay for our tickets. Finally, we are both satisfied. I close his laptop and put it on the coffee table. I sit back on the couch with my arms folded.

"You are so stubborn, you know that?" Niall says to me leaning a little closer to me.

"I've gotten that plenty of times. Get used to it."

Niall slowly keeps leaning closer, my heart keeps beating faster. What is he doing? No, this isn't happening. It can't be. Is this a dream all over again? I give myself a quick pinch in the arm. Yep, it's real. Niall stops suddenly and gives me a look.

"Did you just pinch yourself?" he asks and smiles at me.

"Uh, no. What are you talking about? Psh," I say sarcastically as I roll my eyes.

I decide this is the time to get up and run to the guest bedroom. I don't think I'm ready for Niall and I to move a step up from friends to a couple just yet. Why do I feel this way when I know for sure that I like him? Maybe I'm just scared. Ugh! My feelings are so confusing! I quickly get up and sprint, while giggling, to the bedroom with Niall hot on my tail. I make it to the room and shut the door quickly and lock it. "Morgan, what the hell was that?" Niall asks through the door while laughing.

I giggle before I answer through the door, "Goodnight Niall. I'll see you tomorrow bright and early for our flight!"

"Morgan, open the door."

"Hmm. I'll think about it," I say slowly as if I am thinking.

"Morgan," Niall says laughing. "Open the door."

"Alright, fine." I open the door and hug him instantly. He is surprised by my action, but wraps his arms around me back and puts his chin on head.

"Goodnight Niall," I say into his shoulder.

"Goodnight love," he whispers as I feel his breath on my head.

We let go and I go back into the bedroom giving Niall a small wave before I close the door.

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