Twist In My Story


19. The Baby Shower

January 24th



"Hey Brooke! I realized I never asked you if your baby was a boy or a girl."

"It's what I told you I've always wanted."

"No way!" I say as I gasp.


"Are you naming the baby the same thing you planned on too?!"

"Yep!" Brooke says popping the p.

"Oh my gosh!" I say in an excited, high-pitched voice.

Niall gives me a weird look and I roll my eyes and smile as I shoo him towards the living room. He shrugs and goes and watches tv. 

"I know! Well, I gotta go. By the way, I can hear you in the hallway."


"Have you forgotten that me and Liam live on the same hall?!"

"Oh yeah, I guess I did," I say feeling stupid. 

"Well, now you remember. I'll talk to you later! Bye."


I hang up and go sit on the couch with Niall. I snuggle into his chest, not paying attention to what he's watching.

"What were you squealing about?" Niall asks while chuckling.

"I wasn't squealing," I say as I laugh at his comment. "I am just excited, that's all." 

"What did Brooke tell you?"

"Let's just say I am throwing a very pretty baby shower."


"You'll see."

March 16


Sarah and Cheradyn are here, helping me set up the rest of the pink streamers before it's time for everyone else to come.

"Did we have to use pink?" Sarah asks.

"I guess so. I mean, it is Disney Princess themed."

"Louis texted me and said they are all on their way," Cheradyn says.

I get down from the step stool I am standing on and take a step back. Everything looks perfect. Niall comes in from his room and his eyes go wide.

"Lot's of pink in here don't you think?" Niall says.

"Too much actually," Sarah says. 

Niall and Sarah both make faces at the pink decorations.

"I agree, it looks like a unicorn or something threw up in here," I say. "But it's only for a few hours."

Cheradyn comes in with the fluffy tiaras and puts one on everyone's head. 

"Woah," Niall says holding his hands in defense as Cheradyn comes around to him with the tiaras. "Please tell me I don't have to wear THAT."

"Sorry, I can't tell you that!" Cheradyn exclaims as she quickly gets the tiara on his head. 

We all laugh at Niall as he groans in annoyance. He reaches to take it off, but I run over to and put his arms down. 

"Leave it on, Princess Leprechaun, or no hugs and kisses for you." 

"I guess if you put it that way, I have no choice."

"Thank you. By the way, you aren't the only one that has to wear one."

We all hear the knock on the door and I go answer it. 

"Morgan?!" Harry, Louis, and Zayn say at the same time.

"Well hi to you too, boys. Come in."

As soon as Zayn is in the flat, I see Perrie.

"Hi!" I exclaim as I hug her. 
We have only met a couple of times, but I would consider her one of my friends. Cheradyn puts a crown on each one of their heads as they walk in and Louis kisses Cheradyn on her cheek as she hugs him. Man, they are so cute. Harry goes and hugs Sarah too. I feel so lonely right now.

"Oh my gosh!" I hear from the doorway.

I turn back around and see Brooke freaking out over the decorations. I guess she's here now.

"You like?" I ask.

"Like?! You mean love!"

Liam says hi to me and walks in behind Brooke. Cheradyn gives them tiaras too, but Brooke gets a queen tiara. After a few hours, it starts to die down and everyone is ready to go.

"Wait!" I yell as everyone heads towards the door.

"What?!" they all yell back in unison.

"We need pictures," I say waving the camera.

I hear a few groans from the boys and then they all get in a group. I get the pictures and then almost everyone leaves. I am about to put my camera up until Perrie stops me.

"Don't put it up yet!" she exclaims. "You and Niall need a picture together."

I blush and we agree. We both leave our tiaras on and we hug each other tight for the picture. We do a second picture and Niall and I are kissing.

"You guys look so cute!"

"Thank you, Perrie."

"No problem."

Zayn and Perrie leave and I notice that Sarah and Harry are still here. 

"Hey, are y'all staying for a little longer?" I ask.

"Well, Harry kind of got himself into a predicament. The tiara is stuck in his hair and I can't get it out," Sarah says as she sighs.

I try to contain my laughter as I make him sit on the couch and I try to get it out. Niall laughs for ages as I try to get the cheap, plastic tiara untangled from his hair. Sarah eventually laughs too. 

"Ow!" Harry yells as I pull a little harder.

"Sorry. How do you even do this anyway?"

"I don't really know."

After many yelled ows and sorrys said, I finally get it out.

"Only you Harry, only you," Niall says as he laughs.

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