Twist In My Story


29. Surprise!

June 2nd


I have gotten the hang of crutches after a day and a half. I ended up breaking my foot, but not too bad. They still wanted me not to walk on it though.

"A wheelchair would be so much easier. I think it would solve both of our problems," I say.

"Whatever. We both know you would just make me push you around all the time, and that would mean only one problem is solved." Sarah says.

"Yeah, you're probably right," I say laughing.

The elevator door opens and we walk down the hall to mine and Niall's flat. Sarah is being a good friend, as always, and helping me with groceries since I had to go get food. I unlock the door and walk, or crutch, in slowly. I hurry as fast as I can to the couch and sit down. My underarms get instant relief. Being on crutches is a pain in the you know what.

"Thanks Blu!" I yell to her in the kitchen.

"Welcome Blondie!" she yells back.

After she puts all the groceries up, she heads to Brooke and Liam's to help unpack the last of the boxes with Brooke, Cheradyn, and Perrie. I decided not to join.

Wow, what a great friend you are Morgan you must be saying sarcastically. Well, my foot's broken and it's troublesome to walk on crutches all the time. Instead, I sit on the couch and realize Cheradyn and Louis get married in seven days. Seven days. I can't believe it. I almost forgot until Cheradyn said something about it during these past few days. First Brooke, now Cheradyn. It makes me wonder who will be next? I get up and crutch over to mine and Niall's bedroom to go figure out what makeup and shoes will go with the dresses because I like to prepare days before. That way, I feel totally sure about everything. The bridesmaid dresses are turquoise with a brown belt, long, and flowy. They complement all of us bridemaids just right. Cheradyn did a very good job. I grab the dress out of the closet and set it on the bed. It's only then as I stare at it that this means Niall and I will also see each other in seven days. We will all see each other in seven days, maybe even less. I start grinning like crazy, feeling pretty excited. It's been weeks, months since we have seen them last. As of right on cue, my phone rings with his beautiful singing voice as my ringtone.

"Hey Niall," I say with a smile.

"Hey babe. How is everything?"

I look down at my foot and debate in my head whether or not to tell him. The girls and I have been so busy that I have forgotten to let him know about my crippled status.

"Everything is pretty good, except two things..."

"And what's that?" Niall asks with concern in his voice.

"One, you're not here."

Niall chuckles, "I feel the same way. I miss you, but remember love, we will be seeing each other very soon."

"True. Well, secondly, I am temporarily crippled."

There is a pause. A long pause until I hear, "What?!"

"Niall, I'm okay!" I say laughing. "I was just being my klutzy self."

"You made that sound way worse than it probably is. Your klutzy self took it too far! Now I'll just have to fly in sooner," he says with a smirk clear in his voice.

"SERIOUSLY?!" I scream.

"Yes, love!"

"When?! How soon? Tomorrow? What time? Do I need to pick you up?" I ask all in a rush.

"Morgan, love, deep breaths." 

I breathe in, breathe out. I need to calm down, but it's just so hard to do when I'm so excited.

"I can come tomorrow if you need me to," he continues. " I don't even know what time, I haven't even booked a flight yet! And no, you aren't driving. You're crippled."

"I guess I am willing to break the rules for you," I say smiling.

Niall chuckles and says, "I love you."

"I love you too."

"I'll see you tomorrow, love."

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