Twist In My Story


16. Real Life Nightmare

Still November 25th



Jesse says a quiet hi and Morgan just stands there motionless, staring at him. I do a quick wave in front of Morgan's face and she seems to snap out of it.

"J-Jesse. What are you doing here?" she says in a monotone.

I stay by her side just in case anything happens. I keep my hand on her back to keep her calm. She looks like she's about to blow up.

"I came back to...apologize."

"Okay, apology accepted, but that doesn't make it any better between us."

"Please, just give me a second chance," he begs.

Morgan stays silent, thinking about something.

She looks at me and whispers, "Should I tell him?"

"Whatever you think, love," I whisper back.

She nods her head and looks back at Jesse who is waiting intensely for her answer.

"No, Jesse. I can't do that."


"Because your place has already been filled," she says quickly.

Jesse's face changes from confused to angry in a matter of seconds. This can't be good.



"Because your place has already been filled."

Jesse all of a sudden looks angry or hurt.

"What!" he yells.

"You don't get a second chance, Jesse."

"Why? Because Irish boy here has suddenly made everything better? I bet he just feels bad."

I look at Niall who has the same angry look as Jesse, but it's more protectice, not attacking like Jesse's. Niall's hand moves to wrapping around my waist, bringing me close to him.

"No, he doesn't," I say as I turn back to Jesse. "He is everything you weren't and will never be."

Jesse grabs my wrists and drags me into the hallway, forcefully, taking me out of Niall's grip. Sadly, this isn't any nightmare. This is real. I bet I somehow knew about this violence, but just don't remember.

"Jesse! That hurts! Let go of me!" I yell.

I try to free my wrists, but his grip is too strong. Then my wrists are suddenly relieved from their pain. Niall leads me back into his flat.

"Go hide, just in case," he whispers.


"Just go."

I follow his instructions and think of places to hide. I decide to hide behind all of Niall's clothes in his closet. It probably isn't the hardest spot to look for, but it's all I've got right now. I hear a few hitting noises and yelling, especially swear words. I wince whenever I hear a hit. Niall better be okay. I can't take it anymore. I decide to get out of my hiding spot. As soon as I come into the living room, the front door is shut and locked. Niall is sitting against it on the floor, his face bruised and his nose bleeding.

"Niall, what happened," I say as I rush to him.

I kneel down to his height and grab his head. I gently tilt his face so I can see how much he got hurt.

"Let's just say Jesse's not bothering you anymore," he says.

I wrap my arms around him and kiss him, making sure he knows how much I appreciate him. He kisses me back, but winces as he does.

"What hurts?" I ask as we pull away.

"M-My chin," he says as he touches it.

I make him get up and I set him down on the couch. I run in the kitchen and get him a frozen vegatable package because I can't find any ice packs.

"Here, put this anywhere it hurts," I say and run back to the kitchen.

Since his nose is bleeding, I wet a cloth in the sink. I go and sit next to Niall, cleaning up his injuries. I gently clean his nose, him wincing as I do so. After that's all done I get rid of the towel. I sit back down on the couch and decide to check to see if any more of him was harmed.



"Where else did he hit you?"

Niall doesn't respond, but takes his shirt off. I was surprised by his sudden action, which left me a little uncomfortable. But I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Niall smirks at me as soon as my eyes are done marveling over his torso.

"What?" I say as I blush.

Niall just keeps smirking at me, but he takes my hand and touches the places he was hit with my hand, which were now bruising. Most of his bruises are around his stomach. I grab the ice pack and carefully put it on one of the many bruises on his stomach.

"Man, that's cold," he says as he winces.

"Yeah, it came from the freezer. Duh."

"Instead of calling you a smart...butt, I am just going to be chessy and tell you that I was hinting that your warm hands and touch feel better than these frozen vegetables."

I start to blush and I kiss him on his unhurt cheek.

"That's very sweet leprechaun, but the only way you are going to feel better is if you keep them on it."

Niall takes the package off, sets it on the table, and pins my back down to the couch. He keeps his face close to mine as he smiles down at me, looking into my eyes.

"Cowgirl, the only way I'll really feel better is if you give me a kiss," he says.

Niall smashes his lips to mine and I conclude that he is definitely the one for me.

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