Twist In My Story


24. #PregnantParty Pt. 2

Still April 29th


"How many?"

"Table for 5 please," I reply.

The waiter takes us to a table and gets us seated. We all order our drinks and then sigh in relief after what just happened.

"Why did you just leave us out there?" Brooke asks innocently.

I stay silent. That is only the second encounter with someone recognizing me and I already despise it. It was worse this time though because someone was actually screaming right in front of me. I thought my eardrums were going to burst.

"It's okay Morgan. I thought she was annoying too," Cheradyn says knowing why I am upset and trying to reassure me.

I give her a small smile and decide that this shouldn't ruin my night. This is supposed to be just a time to have fun.

"Sorry I left you guys. I was more annoyed than overwhelmed. I forget you guys are used to this," I say.

"It's hard to adjust to, but you will soon. Trust me," Perrie says.

"Thanks," I say.

"Sarah? How do you deal with it?"

"Oh, I just try and ignore them. It seems to work. I don't have as many people stalking me now."

"Well, I guess I'll try that."

We order our food and eat and talk for the rest of the evening in the restaurant. Thankfully, nobody followed us in. We have gotten a few looks from other tables though, and I have had no problem giving them looks back. We all look at each other since we're finished eating and don't really have anything else planned.

"We didn't think this out very well," Sarah says.

"I agree," I reply.

"Maybe we should go back to the flat?" Perrie suggests.

"Yeah, and maybe we can Skype the boys?" Cheradyn says.

"Good idea!" Brooke says.

"I think we all miss them, so let's go!" I say.

We all race to the car, ignoring the paparazzi and how childish we look.

"I call shotgun!" Cheradyn and I say at the same time. We start laughing and stand there awkwardly, not knowing who should sit in the front.

"You can sit up front," I say.

"No, you can. I don't mind."

"Well, I rode in the front on the way over here."

"Just get in the car!" Brooke yells through the window.

I get in the back with Perrie and Sarah before Cheradyn and I can argue over it again.

"There," I say. "All settled."

"You guys are too nice and indecisive," Brooke says laughing.

Cheradyn and I look at each other and chuckle. We make our way to mine and Niall's flat singing the boys' songs in the car. Sarah smiles as she rolls her eyes and tries to refrain from singing along to a few of them. Once we get there, I bring my laptop into the living room and open up Skype. I seriously can't wait. This is going to be the first time in two weeks that I get to actually see him on a screen instead of just hearing his voice on the phone. Everyone gathers around me and watches me log in. Then I a thought occurs to me: I should call Niall and tell him to get on so we can actually talk to them.

"I'm gonna call Niall real fast to tell him to get on."

"Well that would be a good idea, huh," Brooke says.

I give her a playful glare and she just smiles at me. I call Niall, but he doesn't answer. I text him instead and wait for his reply. Ten minutes later, he texts me back.


Will be on in a few love. Xx


"He will be on in a few minutes!" I yell excitedly.

Everyone jumps at the sudden outburst that broke the silence. Cheradyn and Brooke start laughing while both Perrie and Sarah hold their hands on their hearts.

"Geez! Are you trying to give us all a heart attack?" Sarah says laughing.

Brooke snorts and then we all laugh even harder. My stomach starts aching from laughing so hard and I start to wish laughing could give you abs. Our laughing fit is interrupted by the Skype ringtone and I quickly answer it. As soon as Niall's video camera comes on, we can see and hear the boys having an argument while Niall shakes his head and holds his head in his hands.

"I want to say hi to MY girlfriend first!" Louis yells.

"Louis, you talk to her all the time! Let me talk to Sarah first!" Harry yells back.

Louis and Harry start racing to the camera in the background and Niall stands up to block the laptop from any harm.

"Lads!" Niall yells. "They are on skype now, so quit yeh arguing!"

Louis and Harry shut up and calmly come sit with Niall on the floor, or bed, or wherever they are sitting. Zayn and Liam join quickly and we finally have all of the boys together.

"Hello ladies," Louis says and winks.

We all laugh and say hi back. This is going to be a very fun Skype call.

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