Twist In My Story



Okay guys. I am going to be doing some editing. The dates are going to be different and just the whole time period is going to be edited. Why?


My friend Brooke wrote a fanfic called Best Job Ever (which is amazing, you should go read it. Also, you will get my story a whole lot more.) and I had been wanting to write a fanfic. So, I wrote mine and she kept writing hers, and then we decided that we should connect ours. Awesome right? Well, we didn't plan out dates because we didn't really make dates yet. So my story didn't exactly have a date, we just knew that it happens sometime after her story. Well as of October 13th, 2013, we skyped and started talking about the dates since Best Job Ever is almost done. We talked about it and decided that the dates for my story are all wrong and doesn't go with her story's time period. 


So, forget all of the dates to this story and just forget how fast or slow everything has gone in the story and let's start over. Everything that I have written will stay. The story will stay. But that dates will all be different. 


READ BEST JOB EVER! READ THE ONE THAT STARTED IT ALL! It's almost finished, so you by the time you read it, it will probably already be finished. 


Sorry for any confusion and sorry for making so many changes. There probably won't be as much changes, if any, later on after I get this date stuff changed. Also, some of the chapters will be edited like my most recent chapter, and/or I will add more chapters in between different ones I have already written.


Thanks for reading!  -Morgan xx

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