Twist In My Story


36. News

June 16th


"How did I get home last night?" I ask softly. 

Morgan gets out of her cuddled position against me on the sofa and lifts her head to look at me. I can still see the hurt in her sparkling brown eyes. They still have light, but not as much as a couple of days ago. 

"Harry brought you home."

I purse my lips and nod a little. She lays her head back on my chest and I play with her hair; it seems to calm both me and her. 

"And when did you know about uh...well, you know," I say.

"After Harry left, but before I went to sleep on the chair. I was on my phone and then there it was."

A little surprised, I ask, "Are you saying Harry didn't even tell you what I said or did?" 

"He didn't tell me anything. Just how to take care of you this morning."

Harry didn't even say anything. I guess he wanted to save Morgan from the pain it would cause, even though she already knows. Maybe I should be glad he didn't tell her right away, but at the same time, finding out something about your boyfriend on social media is worse. 

I hear my phone ring and Morgan gets up. I start to get up too, but she sits me back down. "Stay there. I'll get it for you," she says as she heads towards my blaring phone.
She hands it to me and I answer it, not really caring who it is.


"Niall," Liam's voice says. "What happened last night?"

I sigh a long sigh and feel defensive. I don't need every single one of the boys talking down on me. "It was a huge mistake and it shouldn't have happened. None of it should have happened."

"Well you better confirm that on the 25th."

"What is on the 25th," I ask concerned.

"We have an interview."

My heart feels as if it has literally stopped. Of course this happened and of course we have an interview. I try not to freak out as I tell Liam a calm, "Okay." 

We hang up and I cover my face with my hands, already trying to figure out what to say in the interview.

"What is it?" Morgan asks.

"Interview. The 25th."

We are both silent. We both know what this interview could be like and what it could cause. 

"I don't even know what I'll say, Morgan."

"Just tell them the truth," she suggests.


"Well, however much of it you want to. You can leave details out if you want."

"Maybe I'll just make it short and sweet."

Morgan nods, "I think that will be best."

I get up and go walk to our room. Why did I have to get us into this mess? Should I even say us? I did this to myself. All of my actions caused me to get myself into trouble. I never want to get drunk again. I become a moron when I get wasted. Plus, I cause other people to be hurt, mad, worried, and all of the other emotions it can create. 

Morgan disrupts my thoughts when she hugs me from behind. I can feel her head lay on my shoulder since she's shorter. I reach and turn around to hug her back, and I can't help but thank God that I didn't lose her. 

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