Twist In My Story


12. Moving Out

October 14th


I wake up and look outside the window. I see the ground coming closer and closer. We must be landing. I lean my head back and feel something behind me. I turn around to see what is keeping my whole backside from touching the seat. I realize that Niall has his arm around my shoulders. Niall has his arm around me. I can feel myself blushing. I look over at him and he is still sleeping. I poke his arm and he doesn't wake up. I poke his cheek. He smiles slightly, but doesn't wake up.

"Wake up leprechaun," I say as I shake him.

His eyes slowly open and as soon as he sees me, he smiles.

"What did you call me?" Niall asks sleepily.

"I called you leprechaun, leprechaun."

"Ha, ha. Very funny, cowgirl."


"Yeah. You're from Texas."

"At least cowgirl is better than leprechaun," I say and wink at him.

"I beg to differ," he says.

We both smile at each other and then the pilot says his usual stuff. We get off of the plane after so many hours.

"You know, I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of Directioners swarming this place. Usually they have you guys under closer watch than the FBI ever will," I say.

"Well, I didn't tweet about coming here or anything. I also didn't hint at coming here in any interviews either. How would you know they would?" he says as he winks at me.

My face turns bright red and I try to keep it cool.

"Keep your hood up and sunglasses on. I don't really want to deal with anyone finding out that you are here," I say changing the subject.

"Are you telling me what to do cowgirl?"

"I believe I am, leprechaun. Deal with it," I say as I smirk at him.


This is the last time I am to ever step foot in this house again. I have already hired a moving truck to put all of my furniture in. I start with mine and Jesse's bedroom. Well, it used to be. I decide to pack all of my pictures. Niall follows me in there and helps me. I throw away every single one with Jesse in it. I want to forget about him as much as possible. I find some from when I was a kid. All of a sudden Niall start laughing hysterically.

"What?" I ask as I start laughing a little as well.

His laugh is so contagious. Niall turns the picture to me and I roll my eyes at him. It was a picture of me when I was probably 8, making a stalker looking face. That's right, I was making stalker faces before it was even cool. Niall keeps laughing. He can't seem to stop.

"Stop laughing at me, leprechaun!" I say as I snatch the picture from his hand.

I carefully place it in the envelope I am packing full of other pictures. When I look back at him, he is still sitting there laughing at me. I give him a glare and then pounce on him. I pin his shoulders down to the ground.

"Shut up, Horan." I say as I smirk down at him.

Niall looks like he is in shock. He can't get his words out.

"Um-I-uh..." Niall stutters.

I smile and roll my eyes at him and then go back to packing. At least that shut him up. After all of the pictures are packed in my envelopes, we move my desk, tv, movies, cds, lamps, and more into the moving truck after putting most of it in boxes. I do a quick check to make sure that I got everything that is mine.

"You got everything?" Niall asks as I come to the front door.

"Yep. I don't ever need to see this place again. Let's go!"

I grab Niall's hand and drag him out of the house to the car. I get into the passenger seat and Niall starts pulling out. As we leave the house, I feel as if the world was lifted off of my shoulders.

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