Twist In My Story


1. Long Day

"Oh my gosh! Stop it!" I yell through laughter.

Niall is on top of me, tickling me so much that I can't breathe. Niall laughs as he tickles my sides even more. I start hitting him, not really meaning to, and he stops. I lay there on the floor, trying to catch my breath. Niall just sits there chuckling at me. 

"You hit hard!" he says as he is still chuckling at me.

"If you tickle me, I am no where near taking responsibility for your injuries," I say.

I sit up and see him staring at me with a smile on his face...a very suspicious looking smile.

"What are you thinking about, Horan?" I ask smiling back at him.

"Nothing," he says with that smile still plastered on his face. 

"I don't believe you."

"I was just smiling at you."

"Mmhmm. Sure," I say as I try to wink. 

I can't wink, so Niall starts to laugh at me as my face looks like it's spazzing out to try and wink. We both laugh at my failed attempt and then stand up to head to the kitchen. 

"What do you want for a snack?" I yell from the kitchen.

Niall comes running in and sits in the dining chair.

"How do you know that I even want something to eat?"

"Because you ALWAYS want something to eat."

Niall just laughs and smiles at himself. 

"So, what do you want?"

"I'll have one of those cookies I always eat the whole box of when I come here."

"What's the magic word?" I ask as I cross my arms.

"Now," Niall says smirking.

"I'm not getting it for you until you say the real word."

"Fine. Pwease?" he asks as he pouts at me and batts his eyelashes.

"That's better," I say as I chuckle at his girly gesture.

I take out one cookie and think, if he just eats the whole box while he's here, why don't I just give it all to him now? I take the whole box out of the pantry and put it on the dining table in front of him.

"I asked for one," he says raising an eyebrow.

"Just take the whole thing. You are going to eat them all anyway."

Niall grabs the box and instantly grabs a cookie to put in his mouth.

"Thank you. You're the best," he says with his mouth full.

I roll my eyes at him and sit in the dining chair next to him. I watch him finish the whole box because I have nothing else to do. Niall slams the box down on the table and wipes his hands together back and forth to get rid of any crumbs.

"You want to come over tomorrow? The lads and I are having a movie night," he says.

"Um, I am actually busy tomorrow. Sorry."

"Since when is Morgan busy?"

"Ha. Very funny," I say as I roll my eyes.

"What's making you busy tomorrow?"

"It's nothing."

"Tell me," he says as he smiles at me.

"No," I say as I cross my arms and smile back at him.

"Yes. Or else I will have to tickle you again," he says with a smirk.

"No. You are not tickling me. I won't let you!"

"We'll see about that!" 

Niall reaches for my sides and I fail at protecting them. I laugh and then I can't breathe anymore.

"Niall James Horan! Stop it!" I yell through laughter. 

"Not until you tell me what you're doing tomorrow!" he exclaims as he keeps tickling me.

"Alright, alright!" I yell.

Niall stops tickling me and sits back in his chair. He stares at me, waiting for me to tell him. I sigh.

"I have plans with Jesse tomorrow."

Niall's smile fades and he clears his throat. What is his problem? Every single time I mention doing something with my boyfriend, he gets tense. It worries me a little bit.

"Why do you get like that when I talk about him?" I ask.

"Like what?" Niall says as he gives me a fake smile.

"You know."

"I'm fine, Morgan."

I let it go and shut my mouth, trying to think of ways to change the subject. I really don't want to argue with Niall. 

"Well, I'm going to go," Niall says suddenly.

"O-okay. See ya later I guess?" 

Niall gives me a small smile and walks to the door.

"Yeah, see ya," he says.

I watch him shut the door behind him, and he's gone. I'm still trying to figure out why he gets so tense when I mention Jesse. They haven't ever met, so I don't see how Niall could have anything against him. I push it out of my mind and go on a hunt to find my phone. I finally find it and check for any messages. There is one from Jesse.

'I am coming over right now.'

I am a little confused because he doesn't usually invite himself over, so I wait. After what seems like forever, I hear a knock on the door. I open it, and there he is. I give him a big smile and come up to hug him. Instead of giving me a smile and a hug back, he gently pushes me away. I frown as I back up from him.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

He just fidgets with his hands and rocks back and forth, not hiding the fact that he's nervous about something.

"Jesse, tell me."

"Morgan, I-" he pauses.

I already start to tear up, having an idea of what he's going to say.

"Just say it," I whisper.

"I don't think I'm feeling it. I'm breaking up with you," he says all in a rush.

It feels like a bullet to the heart. It aches as he tells me those words, those words I never thought I'd hear so soon. I clear my throat and speak up.

"Was it something I did? What did I do?"

Jesse looks hesitant and opens his mouth to say something, but he shakes his head instead.

"What did I do?" I ask, pushing him to answer.

"Y-You talk about your best friend, Niall, all the time. I don't know if you realized that or not. Also, you compare everything we do together to memories with him. I have lost any feelings towards you."

"I didn't realize that and I'm sorry."

"It's okay, but it's too late now. I'm sorry, but it's just not going to work for me anymore."

"Alright. Well, you have a good life and see ya around I guess," I say, my voice shaky.

"Um, yeah. See ya."

Jesse turns and walks off the porch. He didn't feel anything about that at all. It seemed so easy for him just to come out and say. I close the door and sit down on the floor with my back against it. My tears that I held for so long, finally come flowing from my eyes. My phone starts to ring as I sit there crying. It's Niall, so I answer it.

"H-Hello?" I say.

You can hear it in my voice that I have been crying. So much for trying to act like everything is normal.

"Hey, what's wrong? You don't sound good."

"I-it's nothing. Don't worry about it,' I say as I wipe the tears off of my cheeks.

"I'm coming over," he says and I hear keys jangling in the background. 

"Niall, don't. I'm okay."

"I'm still coming over whether or not you are okay."

I sigh and try to pull myself together. I can't breakdown in front of him when he gets here. 

"Alright, bye," I say.

I hang up and take deep breaths, trying to calm down. After a few minutes, my breathing is at a steady pace and I don't feel like I have anymore tears left in me. Good. I need to pretend nothing happened. I hear a knock on my door again. I slowly open it and see Niall looking down at me and smiling, not showing his pearly whites. He has a look of determination on his face. He probably wants to know why I sounded like I did on the phone, and he is going to do everything he can to get it out of me. Niall walks in and sits on the couch. I close the door then slowly make my way to the couch to sit next to him. I refuse to look at him, but I know he is burning a hole through the side of my face. 

"Morgan, what the hell happened?"

I stay silent and just fidget with my hands. If I start to explain, I'll probably breakdown again. I hated that feeling; not being loved, not being wanted. If I explain everything, I will go through that again. I take deep breaths and close my eyes. I tear falls down my cheek. 

"What's wrong?" Niall asks softly. 

He wipes the tear off of my cheek and that sets all of my emotions off. I start sobbing and I put my hands on my face, feeling ashamed to be so weak. Niall envelopes me in a hug and rubs my back, comforting me, trying to calm me down. After what seems like forever, my tears slow down to a stop and I breathe deep, shaky breaths. Niall is still holding me in his arms and is softly shooshing me. Any energy I had has now drained from the waterfall coming from my eyes. 

"I'm sorry that I asked. I shouldn't make you tell me," Niall says softly.

"It's okay, Niall. I think I can tell you now though."

Niall lets go of me and turns his full attention to me, like he hasn't already. I make a huge sigh and make sure I'm calmed down enough to talk about this.

"Okay, so, Jesse came over."

I pause to see Niall's reaction to his name, but he doesn't make a face this time. He keeps the same facial expression and keeps his attention to me. Maybe he knows that if he makes a face, this will just make things harder for me.

"And when he came, he decided that it was best for him to move on. T-to dump me."

My voice fades out towards the end of the sentence like I am afraid to admit it. Niall has a look of hatred in his eyes as I tell him my last sentence. Then he realizes that I'm tearing up again and his hatred turns into pity. I don't want him to feel bad for me. I will be fine, but in the meantime, I just need some comfort. Niall sits closer to me and embraces me again. I put my head on his shoulder and he rests his head on mine. I silently let the tears fall. I don't think I'm crying about Jesse anymore. It's because I hated the way it felt to have someone tell you that they don't love you anymore after they have told you that they do so many times. Niall's body rising and falling to his heartbeat calms me down. His strong arms around me make me feel safe, comforted. He squeezes me tighter like he's afraid that I'll slip away. I start to get tired and I can't fight to stay awake any longer. I fall asleep on his shoulder, finally at peace.

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