Twist In My Story


25. Long Awaited Skype Call

May 27th


I race to my laptop as I hear the Skype ringtone. After countless hours of texting and calling each other over the weeks, this is the only way I get to actually see him right now. I answer the video call and wait inpatiently for his video to come on. When it does, he has that gorgeous smile I love so much.

"Hello love!"

"Hey leprechaun. How's it going?"

"The shows are incredible, but I'm also tired," he says and chuckles. "And I miss you." 

"I miss you too," I say quietly.

"What has my cowgirl been doing?" he asks with a smile.

I return it and say, "Missing you of course. I have been hanging out with the girls a lot. Today I decided not to though."

"Oh. Why not, love?" he asks concerned.

"Not feeling well, for...certain reasons."

Niall clears his throat and laughs a little, knowing the exact reason, but feels a little awkward talking about it.

"I'm sorry, love."

Niall and I talk about the past couple of weeks, saying details we hadn't been able to fit into our conversations on the phone. This has been one of the only times he has actually had time to carry on a conversation. As we talk, it makes me realize how much I actually miss him. It has only been about a month and we still have months to go.

"Hey, I have a question," I say.


"When do you and the boys come back to London on the tour?"

"June 28th through the 30th."

I smile to myself, knowing what happens between those days on the 29th. 

"What are you smiling about?" Niall asks.

"The dates you guys are coming. Taylor should be born while y'all are here!: I say excitedly.

"Oh yeah! that's right. I can't believe I forgot that. It's supposed to be hard to forget when you have Liam reminding you almost every second."

I chuckle, "He's just excited."

"I know, I know. Anyway, are you going to come, love?" he asks eagerly.

"Hmm," I say pretending to think hard. "It depends on if it will fit in with my schedule or not," I say jokingly.

"Because you are just so damn busy," Niall says sarcastically and laughs.

We both start laughing, knowing that I'm not at all that busy. I probably have the most free time than anyone else on the planet.

"So you are, right?" Niall asks again.

"Of course!"

Niall's smile he has had on his face the whole time gets that much brighter and I feel so good to have put that on his face.

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