Twist In My Story


28. Klutzy

I couldn't decide if I should use the word elevator or lift...which one do you guys think? In this chapter I am going to use lift, but depending on what you guys think is easier to comprehend, it may change later.


May 31st


Today Brooke and Liam are closing on a house. Not just any house though, but the one that had an open house. The one Niall and I found Brooke and Liam at. Since Liam and the boys are on tour still and can't make it, Brooke asked me to help her with moving and everything since I am just right there across the hall. We have already went to close on the house, and now I am helping her pack the rest of the boxes in their flat.

"Which box should this go in?" I ask as I hold up some holiday decorations.

"I think we should just make a new one."

"Alrighty." I grab another box and label it. It's very silent as we concentrate on packing until I decide to talk. "Brooke, I think this is the perfect house for you guys. Especially with the little girl coming here soon and everything."

"Thanks! I really think so too. Not too long, you'll be finding a house too, right?"

I feel very confused. I thought she knew I just moved in with Niall instead. Maybe I didn't tell any of them. Oops.

"No, I kind of moved in with Niall a while back," I say expecting her reaction.

"Since when?!" Brooke exclaims.

"Since...April," I say slowly, thinking.

"It's been almost 2 months and you hadn't told me?" Brooke asks as she fakes being hurt.

"I thought I told you drama queen," I say as I wink.

"Now let's get this packing finished!"

After many hours, and procrastinating every now and then, we finally have everything packed.

"Time to take this to the moving truck?" I ask.

"Yes m'am!"

We start with the lightest boxes first and take one box each with us to the lift. Brooke and I get in the lift and we look at each other both thinking the same thing; this is going to take a while.

"I think we need help," I finally say.

"Yeah, you wanna call them?" Brooke asks.



"Last one guys!" I yell from the flat as I grab the box. I try to pick it up. First try: not happening.

"Do you need help? I mean, that is why we're here," Sarah says.

"Thanks, but I think I've got it."

It's really heavy, but my mind thinks I have the strength. After a few tries, I finally pick it up.

"Get to the lift!" I yell.

They all run down the hall to the lift and I use fast baby steps to walk down the hall.

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Cheradyn asks from the end of the hall.

"Yeah, I've got it!"

As soon as I say that, guess what happens; I drop it. On. My. Foot.


I push the box away from me and sit on the ground in pain. All of the girls rush over and crowd around me. "Don't got it," I say as they look down at me.

They all help me up and I try to walk. I instantly fall, but thankfully they catch me before I hit the floor.

"Do we seriously need to take you to the hospital?" Brooke says.

I sigh, "Seriously."

Sarah helps me down the hallway as Cheradyn and Brooke both carry the box to the lift. Sarah and I joim them and we press the 1st floor button. I realize that there is only four of us. I know I called Perrie too. I did have to leave her a message though...

"Where's Perrie?" I ask.

"Where do you think?" Brooke says like I know the answer.

"I don't know. You tell me."

Brooke looks at me like I'm crazy or something. I am definitely missing some information here.

"Perrie's with Javaad," Cheradyn says nicely.


"Did that box damage your memory too?" Sarah asks jokingly.

"Guys, I seriously don't know who that is."

"Don't tell me you haven't ever met him!" Brooke says. 

"Okay, who is Javaad?" I ask slowly.

"Perrie's son who's at least 18 months!" Brooke says.

"What?! How come I haven't met him?! And how come I haven't even heard about this?!"

"You tell me!"

"Perrie hasn't mentioned him to me before. I guess I have just been so busy since before moving here until now."

"You'll have to meet him! He's so precious!" Cheradyn says.

"I bet! Zayn and Perrie themselves are precious," I say.

We get to the first floor and Brooke and Cheradyn lift the box again as Sarah helps me walk.

"This always seems to happen, huh?" I ask Sarah.

"You being clumsy and getting yourself hurt? Naw," she says sarcastically.

I smile, remembering our times as kids and teens. I was always a klutz. We were both a klutz! Sports helped later on with my coordination, but sometimes it just happened. The pain is getting worse in my foot now, and I wince as we go to the moving truck. I get into Sarah's passenger seat of her car, knowing she is going to be the one taking me to the ER. Brooke and Cheradyn get in the driver and passenger seat of the truck.

"Brooke, you guys should head to the house. We'll be okay," I say out of the window.

"Okay Miss Independence," Brooke says jokingly.

I stick my tongue out at her and she reciprocates. We all wave to each other and Sarah gets in the car.

It's very quiet until Sarah says, "Now, to the ER!"

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