Twist In My Story


37. Interview

June 25th



"Welcome boys! It's so lovely you all could be with us today," the interviewer says. 

We all say our thank yous together, but not all at the same time so it just sounds jumbled. 

"So," she continues, "you all have been off for a few weeks now; ready to come back into routine?"

"Breaks are always good," Louis says with a chuckle, "but performing is good too, so yes. I think we're ready. Don't you think lads?"

Louis turns back to look at us as we all agree with big smiles on our faces. We answer questions about concerts and touring, but then the interviewer starts getting to the personal questions. 

"Liam, we all know Brooke is due in a few days. What's going to happen if she happens to go into labor during you and your band's performance?"

Liam sighs and puts on the biggest, happiest, somewhat fakest smile. 

"If that does happen, I want it to continue without me. The fans are important, and family is too."

We are all faking it. None of us want to be here because we all know where this interview is going to soon. Morgan, Brooke, Sarah (who has come back finally), and Cheradyn are standing out in the hallway, but peeking in at us through the doorway. Morgan and I keep sending each other worried glances. She looks like she is trying to be as reassuring as possible, but it's not fooling me. 

The interviewer gets my attention when she says, "Niall? Hello?"

"Sorry," I say, "Could you repeat the question?"

"What are your thoughts on everything that's going on with you and Morgan? We all know you messed things up, so did she forgive you?"

Messed things up? We all know you messed things up? Who the hell does she think she is? I try to be polite as possible, but come off harsh as I say what I am saying.

"Yeah, I screwed up. I don't need everyone telling me something I already know. How do you even have the nerve to tell me what I did wrong when I feel guilty as hell? Morgan, being the most loving and forgiving person I know, gave me mercy and she's giving me another chance."

Everyone's silent as I take a few deep breaths. I mumble a little, "sorry," and sit there until someone starts talking again. 

"We would greatly appreciate no further questions on the subject, if you don't mind," Zayn tells the interviewer. 

She nods her head, embarrassed or slightly appalled by my answer. I didn't mean to blow up, and now I have just gotten myself into more trouble with the press. I look over at Morgan and she is smiling at me. Even through the pretty face, you can still tell she's worried.  



I stare at Niall with both appreciation and concern. He technically stood up for both of us. Now that he has done that though, press is going to be all over him. That will bring Niall humiliation and they will keep pushing his buttons further and further until they burst. 

"I can't imagine what it will be like outside when this is over," Cheradyn says.

"Oh, I can," I say, "but it will probably be more than what I am even capable of imagining."

Louis and Cheradyn are finally back from their honeymoon and Sarah has flown back to London. I felt bad for Louis having to do an interview right after his break.

"I can't believe everything that happened with you and Niall," Sarah tells me. 

"Yeah, I thought he was more responsible and loyal than that," Brooke adds.

I nod my head barely, agreeing. But, they don't need to diss him. "I know, I know, but we worked everything out between us. It shouldn't happen again."

The boys are done with the interview and they head to the hallway. I wait at the doorway for him and open my arms. He strongly embraces me and he lets out a sigh into my hair. I look up at him and make sure he's alright before we go anywhere. Or at least alright on the outside. We let go and Niall grabs my hand. On we go out of the building, hand in hand, as paparazzi swarm all of us. Security is able to push most away, just enough for us to get into the vehicles. 

It's a little frightening seeing so many as I get in. I look through the car windows all around and start to freak out mentally. Slowly, but surely, I start to freak out physically. I feel myself losing breath, almost hyperventilating. I have a sick feeling in my stomach,  my heart is beating fast. I close my eyes and try to control this anxiety attack before it becomes severe. I feel Niall wrapping his arms around me, trying to calm me down.

"Space, I need space," I say fast and breathy.

Niall unwraps his arms around me and comforts me by rubbing my back. I breath in, breath out, repeat. Harry and Sarah are staring back at me probably wondering what's going on and if I'm alright. I am finally calmed down most of the way. I lean my head on Niall as he wraps his arms around me, and this time I can take his comfort willingly.

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