Twist In My Story


30. Home At Last

June 3rd


I have finally made it to London. I am just that much closer to seeing Morgan. I just want my cab ride to go faster. I need to get to her to feel her touch again...and before she breaks anything else. The cab finally stops outside of the apartment and I get my suitcase. I run into the building and into the lift. I swear, it seems like everything is going so much slower today. I hear a ding and I'm off. I run to our flat and stop in front of the door. It's time. I finally get to see her in person. No more late night skype calls and texting just to talk to each other. I get the key out of my pocket and unlock the door. As soon as I walk in, Morgan throws herself at me. We both fall, I land on my back, she lands on top of me. We both laugh and I hug her as tight as I can as we still lie on the floor.

 "I missed you so much," I whisper in her ear.

"I missed you even more," she says back. 

Her face is just inches from mine, and I can't resist the temptation of kissing her. Our lips move in sync and have so much more emotion than when we saw each other months ago.

"Let's get you up," I say after we break apart.

Morgan rolls off of me to the side so I can get up. She starts to try to get up, but I stop her. "I don't think so. You have a broken foot."

"I forget my foot's broken until I start walking."

I chuckle, "Well then you need to start remembering." I give her a wink as she gives me a playful glare. 

"It's only been five minutes and you are already making smart comments," she says in an annoyed tone.

"It's only been five minutes and you are already giving me attitude," I say back. 

"That's us," she laughs.

"Definitely us."

I give her another quick kiss and pick her up bridal style into the our flat. I set her on the couch and sit next to her. She grabs a blanket and cuddles with me.


"Yes, love?" I say back.

"I think we should get a house together."

My heart starts beating faster. The thought of moving into a house we will buy together gives me so many warm feelings.

"Seriously?" I ask.

"Seriously," she replies back.

"Well," I say as I play with her hair, "I guess we'll have to make that happen."

Morgan looks up at me and gives me a huge smile. "So how did you talk management into coming home early?" 

I give a nervous laugh, "Yeah, about that. They kind of don't know. The only one that knows is Harry because I knew I could trust him to help me get here."

"This whole situation better not come back onto us Niall."

"What do you mean by that?" 

"I mean that they better not keep us from seeing each other because you did this. I don't want them anywhere in or near our relationship," Morgan says and bites her lip.

I can tell she's nervous about this. She only bites her lip repeatedly when she's nervous. I sigh and wrap my arms around her. She lays on my chest and I feel her relax. 

"It's going to be okay. No matter what happens," I say quietly, but loud enough for her to hear.

"Why did you do it if you knew you'd get in trouble?"

"I guess I am willing to break the rules for you," I say. 
June 5th


"Uno!" I yell as loud as I can. 

"Damn it, love! You're winning almost every single time!"

I smirk at Niall. We decided to stay indoors today and just play card and board games. As of now, we are playing Uno. 

"Well then I guess you need to try harder babe," I reply. "Also, I believe you are the only one to mix a curse word and a pet name into a sentence and make it sound mad, but sweet at the same time."

"That's me," he says and winks. 

I roll my eyes as he lays down his card and then I lay my card down. I have won again! I scream in happiness while Niall covers his face with his hands and fake cries. As he does that, I hear a knock at the door. The fake cry suddenly stops, and we look at each other. We scramble off the floor to go answer the door. We fight to see who will get to the door first, like brothers and sisters would do. We both reach for the door handle and open the door. As the door opens, I glare at Niall, but also blush at how our hands touched. 

"SURPRISE!" the huge group of people yell at us.

"Hey guys!" I say as a give Niall a quick, small punch in the gut. 

"Jesus, Morgan," he says and holds his side.

I smirk at him and then turn my attention back to our friends. 

"Oh my gosh! The rest of the boys came early too?!" I shout excitedly.

"Yes!!" All of the girls shout back. 

Brooke and Liam are at the front of the group, so I give them hugs. Then Harry and Sarah, Cheradyn and Louis, and then Zayn and Perrie and...a baby? Oh my gosh, it's Javaad! 

"Zayn! Perrie! This is Javaad right?" I say excitedly.

"Yeah, have you never seen him?" Zayn says. 

"No. Sadly, I haven't." 

I wave at him and he gives me a huge grin. 

"Do you want to hold him?" Perrie asks and smiles at me.

Perrie hands me Javaad and I observe his face. He has Perrie's blue eyes, but everything else says Zayn. Dark hair, his lips, everything. 

"He looks like you, Zayn," Niall says as he comes up behind me. 

"Yeah, we've been hearing that a lot. He's got Perrie's beautiful eyes though," Zayn says and smiles at her.

Perrie blushes and puts her head on his shoulder as Zayn wraps his arm around her. I look at Javaad again and notice he has fallen asleep in my arms. I chuckle a little bit and show Niall. He motions for me to give Javaad to him, so I carefully hand him over. Niall lays him in his arms gently and rocks him a little bit. Looking at Niall like this is a whole new side of him I have never had the privilege to see. He looks like...a dad. He would be the best dad. I look from Niall to Javaad, and I can tell he's in thought about something. I bet he's thinking of everything I was just thinking.

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