Twist In My Story


22. Goodbyes

Still April 14th




She sits there staring at me like she is in shock. I knew that probably wasn't good to say right now.

"Morgan, please say something. Dang it, I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sor-"

"Niall, I love you too," Morgan says interrupting me.

I sigh in relief and we both give each other the biggest smiles. I lean across the table and kiss her, not caring about PDA. I really hope she doesn't care either. We decide that it is probably time for us to go home, so I pay for dinner. Morgan tells me once again that I need to quit spending money on her, and we walk to the exit. As soon as we come out, I can't see. Flashes of light are going off everywhere. We both put our sunglasses on and I feel Morgan hide behind me. I really hope none of them got a picture of her face.

"Who is this Niall?" one paparazzi shouts at me.

"Are you his girlfriend?" someone else asks.

"How was dinner?"

"It was very delicious, thank you for asking. Now, if you will let us get to his car, we would really appreciate it," Morgan says with a hint of frustration.

The paparazzi stop asking questions and taking pictures and stare at her like she murdered someone. I stare at her like that too. None of us expected her to say anything. We make it back to my car without anymore pictures taken or questions asked. She must have magic powers or something she hasn't told me about because no one can shut up the paparazzi like that. Once we are in the car, I turn to Morgan with the look still on my face.

"What? What did I do?" she says.

"One, I don't think any of us expected you to say anything. Two, how are you so polite to them? All I want to do is cuss them out and yell at them."

"Well, the paparazzi are trying to get a reaction from you. When you yell at them, they get what they want and then you have bad articles about yourself in all of the magazines. If you are polite, they don't expect it and it throws them off."

I look at her then nod a little, understanding what she means. "That makes sense," I say.

"Yeah, maybe you should try it?" she say sweetly.

"Yeah, maybe."

The rest of the ride home is a comfortable silence until she plugs in her phone into the stereo and turns on her music. A punk rock song comes on and I give her the same face I did when we got in the car.

"What is it this time?" she asks looking a little self-conscious.

"I am just finding out way more about you tonight," I say chuckling.

She laughs and says, "I like other music too."

"Show me then," I say smiling at her as I give her the challenge.

She goes through her phone looking for a song that's not punk or anything related to it. Nobody Compares comes on and I start laughing.

"Other than me and the boys," I say still laughing.

Morgan fake pouts as she crosses her arms and then smiles at me.

"I'll just show you later then," she says.


April 21st




It has officially been a week. Today is the day they leave. Niall and I have been doing everything together this week, not leaving each other's side once. I don't know how I am going to live without him for months. I help Niall pack everything he needs and make sure he has everything. I fold all of his clothes as he puts them in the suitcase. I realize that he didn't give me one of his Crazy Mofo shirts to pack, so I get one from his closet. Since we have moved everything of mine to his room, his closet is twice as full. It takes me a minute before I find it. I start to fold it and Niall stops me.

"Don't. I left it on purpose," he says.

"Oh. Okay." I go put it back in his closet and I am still confused.

He can tell because he says, "I left it for you. You wore it the other day, so I thought you might want it while I'm gone."

"Thank you. You're so sweet." I give him a huge hug and kiss him. I decide that I'll just go ahead and wear it today. I am still in my pajamas, so I get the shirt and a pair of jeans and go change. Once I come back in the room, Niall smiles at me.

"Just couldn't wait huh?"

"Nope! I just love it too much," I say.

"More than me?!" Niall gasps and fakes being hurt.

"That could never happen!"

"Prove it," he says smirking.

"You definitely know how to get what you want Horan." I run to him and jump on him, making him have to pick me up and he holds me by the bottom of my thighs. I wrap my arms around his neck and leave my lips inches away from his. I take my time as I lean in, trying to mess with him.

"Just kiss me already!" he says as he puts his lips on mine.

Just when it's starting to get heated, I feel a tickle in my side and I laugh with Niall still kissing me. We pull apart and once I see Niall's guilty smile, I know he is tickling me on purpose. He sets me on my back on his bed and tickles my sides even more.

"STOP!" I yell as I roar with laughter.

"What's the magic word?"


"Not that magic word. More like magic words."


"Why thank you cowgirl," he says as he winks.

Niall stops tickling me and I gasp for air as I say, " No problem."

Niall helps me up and I decide to turn on some music while we finish packing his suitcase, being the music obsessed person I am. 'How to be a Heartbreaker' by Marina and the Diamonds comes on and I start dancing weird and flipping my hair from side to side to the beat. Niall gets his phone out and tells me to pose. I make a face while I stick my tongue out and put my hands on the side of my head making me look like a moose. I start doing different weird poses as he keeps taking pictures of me.

"Do you have a twitter?" Niall asks me.

"Yeah." I tell him mine and get the notification on my phone that he has followed me. Now que the rumours and hate tweets I will get. Oh well. I don't even know how people figure out when the boys follow their friends. They must count their followers almost every single day. I was obsessed, but at least I wasn't that obsessed. I see Niall smile to himself and give him a questioning look.

"What are you doing?" I ask suspiciously.

"You'll see."

I get a notification on my phone from him tagging me in a twitter post.

"You didn't," I say as I glare at him.

"Oh, but I did," he says as he laughs.

He tweeted the first picture he took of me.


@NiallOfficial: Look at this crazy mofo! Haha xx


"It's a good thing I love you." I will get him back later. I look at the time and we see that it is time to meet everyone, the rest of the boys and girlfriends, outside of the building. I carry his pillow while he takes his suitcase. Once we are outside, everyone starts commenting about how we are late getting down here.

"Well, if you look at Niall's twitter, you will see one of the reasons why we were," I say as I stick my tongue out at Niall.

Niall puts his hands up in defense and everyone but Sarah, because she doesn't have a twitter, gets out their phone to check his account. Sarah just looks over at Harry's phone. Everyone starts laughing at once and I feel myself start to blush. Niall wraps his arms around me and kisses my cheek.

"I will get you back," I whisper in his ear.

"We'll see about that," he says as he chuckles.

It's time for them to go, so all the couples give each other all the hugs and kisses we can to make up for how long they are going to be gone. They really can't makeup for it though.

"I love you leprechaun."

"I love you too cowgirl."

"I'm going to miss you so much," I say as I hug Niall tighter.

"I gonna miss you too babe. So, so much."

After us girls are done saying byes to our boys, we all give the other boys hugs and they get into the car that is waiting for them. As the car starts to drive away, Niall rolls the window down and makes a heart shape with his hands.

"I LOVE YOU!" he yells.

I make the same shape and yell, "I LOVE YOU TOO!"

How am I going to survive after today?

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