Twist In My Story


18. Getting Started

Still January 21st


As soon as I get into the house I get a notepad, sit at the dining table, and start coming up with ideas for Brooke's baby shower. Crap, I didn't even ask if it was a boy or a girl. I'll have to call her later.

"Morgan? Are you really working on this right now?"

"Yes! I need to get this started before it gets to be too last minute."

I stare at the notepad trying to think of ideas and what we need. I have never thrown a baby shower before. Why did I say I would do this? Oh well. I am just so excited!

"Niall, what are some ideas for a baby shower?" I ask.

"You expect ME to know?!" he says as he laughs.

I roll my eyes and laugh with him. His laugh is so contagious.

"I guess I will have to get someone else to help me."

Niall sits in the chair next to me and looks over my shoulder at the notepad's blank page.

"You have a ton of ideas," he says sarcastically and chuckles.

"Shut up, leprechaun," I say and smile at him.

Who would I want to help me? A lightbulb clicks in my head. I will get Cheradyn and Sarah to help me, if they want to.

"Can you get my phone?" I ask Niall as I bat my eyelashes at him.

Niall chuckles and says, "I would get it for you anyway even if you didn't make that cute gesture."

I blush as he kisses my forehead and disappears into the guest room. He comes back in while looking at my screen and laughing.

"What?!" I say.

Niall turns the phone around and I am horrified. He found a picture my mom sent me of one of my halloween costumes as a kid, and let me tell you: it's not pretty. I snatch my phone out of his hand.

"You are lucky I like you," I say.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because I would kill you if I didn't."


"Get used to it," I say playfully.

"You say that a lot."

"Yeah, get use-I know."

"There's nothing wrong with that, but why do you say it so much?"

Why DO I say that? Maybe because I want people to know what to expect from me and then choose whether or not to like me.

"Because people don't accept me a whole lot. So if I tell them to get used to it, they know what they are getting themselves into and they can decide to stay in my life or not."

There is an awkward silence as I sit there in my own thoughts. Niall hasn't said anything, so I go to writing things down that I need to figure out to start planning the shower. I feel Niall wrap his arms around me and put his chin on my shoulder.

"You don't need to feel that way," he says quietly.

"But I do feel that way."

"But you don't need to."

I sigh and pat his head. I believe I do need to feel like this. It's happened too many times where I have had best friends turn into strangers just because being me wasn't good enough.

"I'm gonna call Sarah alright? Don't do anything to distract me," I say.

"Since when do I distract you?" he asks with a smirk.

"Ever since the day I've known you."

"Really?" he whispers as he kisses my neck.

"Yes! Now stop that!" I say pulling my head away and pushing him enough to get him away from me.

Niall laughs at me and goes to the living room to watch tv. I grab my phone and call Sarah now that my mind can focus.

"Blondie!" she answers.

"Blu!" I reply back.

We gave each other nicknames as kids. Since I have many blonde moments, I was named Blondie or Captain Ameriblonde (because I love superheroes and I have a blonde mind.) And, well, blue is Sarah's favorite color and she wanted to be called that, but she spells it Blu. I think it suits her.

"What's up my beloved friend?" Sarah says excitedly.

"Not much except that I live in London now and I'm throwing a baby shower for Brooke."

"WHAT?! Since when did you move to London?!"

"Since sometime in June."

"Did Jesse come with you?"

"Yeah, but he isn't with me anymore..."

"What do you mean by that?" she says confused.

"I'll tell you about that later. Right now, I have an important question."


"Would you and your planning abilities like to help me make Brooke's baby shower happen?"

"Sure! When?"

"Soon. I'll call you back with that. Also, I am going to get Cheradyn to help us too."

"Awesome! I'll just tell her."

"Are you sure? I can call her."

"Yeah, I'm sure. She's right here."


"Hi Morgan!" I hear in the background.

"Hi!" I yell back into the phone.

"Sure, I'll help!" Cheradyn says.

"Y'all had me on speaker phone, huh?" I ask.

"Yup!" Sarah says.

I laugh and we visit a little bit until it's time for them to go. Once I hang up, Niall is sitting next to me.

"Now I'm not so lonely," he says as he hugs me.

"What do you mean?"

"While you were on the phone, I was getting lonely."

"I'm just right here leprechaun," I say as I tap his nose.

"Yeah, but you aren't next to me," he says.

He is still hugging me and we sit like that for quite some time.

"You are so cheesy, you know that?" I say.

"I know, but you love it."

"Darn right I do."

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