Twist In My Story


35. First Real Fight

June 16th 


I wake up to a thud and a groan. I slowly open one eye and see that Niall has fallen off the couch. Niall is awake, but he looks like he's somewhat in pain as he holds his forehead. I sigh and get up to help him. I stand above him and put my arm towards him. He looks at my hand stupidly as I wait for him to grab it.

"Niall, take my hand. I'm helping you up."

He takes my hand and gets up slowly, putting most of his weight on me, making me have to use two hands. He lays back down on the couch and groans in pain again. 

"When did I get ho-"

"Just take the advil," I say interrupting him.

I grab the cup of water and pills and hand it to him. He takes it from me hesitantly and swallows the pills. I go sit back down in my chair and we sit in silence. I don't really think either of us knows what to say because 1. I'm pissed off and 2. he knows it and what he did wrong. Niall finally starts to talk.

"Morgan, I was drunk."

"That shouldn't be an excuse."

"But it's true, and I didn't mean for anything to happen."

"There are videos, Niall. There are videos and photos and I saw it all. I heard what you said about that girl, but maybe I shouldn't even say anything. You probably don't even remember because you were so wasted." My voice has risen fairly high by the time I'm done with what I said, and Niall's isn't any calmer.

"The sad thing is, I do remember it. I was drunk and being a damn idiot! Do I have to keep telling you how stupid I was just so you'll forgive me?!"

"Oh, that's already established. The real question is if you meant what you said!" I yell

We are both on our feet now, but still far away from each other. My fists are clenched, Niall's body is tense. He looks away from me and rubs his temples as if all of this is too hard for him to deal with. And maybe it is. It it for me and I'm not the one with the hangover.

"So Niall, did you mean it or not? Did you really want to go get that 'hot' girl back there and do God knows what?"

"I-I- maybe when I was drunk I did. You should know I wouldn't ever do that if I was sober!" 

"But you still meant it, Niall. Drunk or not. If I'm not good enough for you, just say it."

Niall quickly looks at me as I say that last sentence. He starts walking towards me and I scoot back. 

"Morgan, is that what you really think? That you're not good enough for me?" He asks softly. 

I look down and slightly nod, "I am not as perfect as a model, the public would consider me 'not the type' for you and the celebrity world. I'm not as well-liked it seems as my friends and Perrie with the other boys. I always think that Niall, but usually you show me different. This time though, it really showed me that I don't know if I can trust you as much as I did yesterday."

We stand there looking at each other, not really knowing what to say. I fold my arms together and start walking away, but Niall gently grabs my elbow and makes me stop. I turn around and as I turn, I end up right in his arms. I hug him back and the tears start flowing. He hugs me tighter, so I hug him tighter. He strokes my hair, which calms me down and we just stand there in each others arms.

"I'm sorry," Niall says.

"I'm sorry too."

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