Twist In My Story


34. Doubts

June 15th

"Oh my god, Harry! What happened to him?" I say as I see Niall passed out while Harry holds him up outside our flat.

"Well," he starts as he walks in, "Niall has had a little too much alcohol."

I shake my head a little bit. I had a feeling, but I wanted him to have fun with the boys for once besides just being with them on tour. Harry lays him down on our couch, and then seats himself in a chair. 

"What do I need to do?" I ask feeling helpless. 

"Let him rest and make sure you have pain meds for him in the morning, along with water. And you probably want to keep the house a little dark. He's gonna have a migraine."

As Harry gets up, I give him a big hug. "Alright, thanks Harry."

"No problem. Let me know how he is and if you need help," Harry holds my shoulders and makes me look at him. "You better call. I hear from my girlfriend you like to be independent."

I sigh, "Fine, but only because I don't know how to handle this yet."

Harry leaves and Niall is still out on the couch. I debate in my head whether or not I should wake him up and make him get in a real bed or not. He doesn't even look himself in his sleep. I knew Niall can get carried away with alcohol sometimes, but I never wanted to have to deal with it. 

I'm too scared to wake him up, so I leave him on the couch. I decide to make myself comfortable in a recliner chair so that I don't leave him by himself through the night. I get on my social media apps before I go to sleep. I scroll through Instagram, nothing interesting. Then, I mess around on Twitter. I look through the hash tags and find one that says #niallandthemysterygirl. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and as I click on it, I instantly regret it. There are tons of tweets with the same picture of Niall grinding with a girl in the club and videos of when he was leaving. I caught all of what he said while watching the video. He says he would go back for that girl? I know he's drunk, but being wasted can't just make you lie, you can become the most honest person you have ever been in your life. That's the scary part.

I look at Niall again, wondering what he was thinking. I owe Harry since he probably stopped things before it got any worse. But what Niall did do confuses me. I don't even know what to think about all this. I decide I should stop thinking and go to bed, but how can I turn my mind off when I doubt Niall's feelings for me?

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