Twist In My Story



I decided to make a list of the changes so that you guys don't have to go back and look for them. 


Twist In My Story: This takes place on October 1st, 2017 instead of May or June.

The Day Before The Big Move: Takes place on October 5th.

Airport: Takes place on October 6th.

Change Of Plans, The Kitchen Is Being Held Hostage, New Feelings, & The Break Up: All take place on October 7th.

Exhausted.: Takes place on October 13th.

Moving Out: Takes place on October 14th.

Dinner...Date?: Takes place on November 17th.

Unexpected, Happiness Never Lasts For Long, & Real Life Nightmare: All take place on November 25th.

Coincidence...? & Getting Started: Takes place on January 21, 2018. I had to skip Christmas and New Years to catch up, but don't worry. There will probably be a Christmas and New Years chapter later on. (: During the chapter Coincidence...?, I added Brooke's due date, June 29, 2018. She is 4 months pregnant.

The Baby Shower: One half is January 24th, the second half is on March 16th.

Getting to Touchy Subjects: Takes place on April 7th. A change I made in the chapter is Niall's bruises. He no longer has them, and his bruises are past tense when they ask about his chin.

Date Night: Takes place on April 14th.

Goodbyes: One half still takes place on April 14th, the second half takes place on April 21st.

#PregnantParty Pt. 1 & #PregnantParty Pt. 2: Both take place on April 29th.

Long Awaited Skype Call: Takes place on May 27th. I changed when they were coming to London for their tour. They are coming June 28th and their last London concert for their tour is the 30th. It is no longer August, and I am not coming to surprise Niall at the concert for his birthday...Maybe a chapter like that will come later? (;


Those are all the changes, and there shouldn't be anymore major changes; just editing grammatical errors. If you are new to the story, don't worry about these two author's notes that are titled in ALL CAPS. Just continue waiting for the next chapter of the story! (: For those who already read what I have: I hated to do this to y'all, but now the story will flow with Best Job Ever (by brrt99) and I think with the dates changing, I will have better ideas for my future chapters. Thanks for being patient and please keep reading!


Much love, Morgan xx

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