Roses are red, your cheeks are too

About cheating


1. Roses Are Red, Your Cheeks Are Too

Roses are red 

your cheeks are too

Is there something your hiding?

is something untrue?


You haven't answered your phone

since god knows when

Was it something to do with

the thoughts in your head?


woah woah woah let me stop right there

its not my fault for your vacant stares


so why r u staring into space

why dont you call back

is it because you are cheating

or because your phone supposably "cracked"


i say its the first one

my friends do too

because everyone can see

the things you do


you flirt with my friends

you flirt with my enemies


are you kiding me??


ive see your tricks

ive seen your pick ups

but what u have left

you can not make up


but the sad thing is that u thought i would cry over you!

but baby just like roses are red and violets are blue...

guess what player

u just got played too!!!



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