Accident's Happen


3. The end of abby

5 month's later,abby?still in the hospital,the have predicted that she might have to have surgery due to hitting face down into the ocean she is in critical condition.Still no sign of her remembering her life,oh gosh she's probably going to die,along with my wife.Today we didn't have anything planned so the lads came to visit abby with me.LIAM'S P.O.V i walked into the hospital room,in witch there lye laying on the bed,an 11 yr old fighting for her life,and a crying louis.I would be crying too if my wife and kid got into a plane crash and then to find out that my wife is dead and then my daughter to be in very bad conditions.HARRY'S P.O.V poor Lou,and abby i couldn't help but cry with louis he's rapidly losing his family his mum died in am car accident,yesterday along with 3 of his sisters and his stepdad.Not to mention the fact that his real father has leukemia cancer.All we can do is sit and pray.NIALL'S P.O.V i was pulled out of the hospital room the doctor gave me some"new's""she has exactly 30 min until she stops breathing,we won't be able to do anything about it,she is too young for us to do what we would of done in this situation".LOUIS'S P.O.V 30 minutes later bbbbbbbeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppp"NO,NO NO NO NO DONT GO AWAY DOCTER SOMBODY HELP DONT LET HER GO PLEASE I BEG YOU DONT LET HER SHE'S MY ONLY HOPE...""Louis it's over""it can't be she has to stay oh gosh tell me ive been dreaming for 5 month's ""c'mon,lets...go"

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