Accident's Happen


1. The accident

"Mame may i help you?","no im fine thankyou"-here's a little about me im married to louis tomlinson my name skylar.In 2001 i had a kid"abby"right now were on a plane back home to see the lads/louis mostly."Everyone please fasten your seatbelts the plane is about to take off"the captin blabberd into the sound system."Buckle up abby""ok mummy".As the plane flew higher i could feel the adreniline rushing in me,it felt like going up a roller coaster waiting in a strait line for a couple of hours then going down the lift hill.Just a few minutes into the plane i manage to hear somthing that sounded like "its coming,its coming"oh poor woman having a baby on a flight not the greatist.Just 3 more hours left then we will arrive home.Next thing i know my daughter is saying"mummy the planes on fire""no its not its just.."next thing i know im falling twords the ocean.__________________________________________________.Im woken up by the sounds of crying ,NIALLS P.O.V i sat there whatching the news"up next more information on flight 456...""i wonder what happend...""567 people on the plane 2 survivers and 1 possible little girl could survive up next""thankyou mary,now more on the little girl the rescue team says that a 11 year old could be .."they show the picture_______________it's louis daughter.i call louis _-__-_-_ "hello""hey,louis so uh you hear what happend to flight 456"?"no what?"well out of 567 people only 2 survived and there was um 1 possible 11 yr old who can maybe make it and they showed the picture of her and it was um...abby,your daughter."

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