Accident's Happen


2. A trip down memory lane

"ABBY?youve got to be kidding me---------my wife was on that plane!."we'll you should try going to the hospital ","yea Niall because there is a hospital in the middle of the ocean"."There is its called wennnie hut jr's hospital,you know from spongebob.""ugh Niall this isn't the time to be joking around".AT THE HOSPITAL I sat there whatching my wife I was crying then her eyes I saw a bit open."Lou-""I'm here""where's my------daughter?""she well we don't now if she'll make it""Louis ?""yes babe""I can't-can't" beeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp.Oh my, no no please don't do this to me "wake up,wake up please lease tell me your alive .""time of death 4:57am 5/4/13 .Now all I could wish for was a miracle that somehow Abby had survived.later that day------the news,it has been clarified that one of the survivors is now dead and there is no sign of the 11 yr old making it "."was this reall it? The end"?ABBY'S P.O.V I woke up. With some stranger by me and a docter "Abby!!" The stranger said"who's Abby?""your Abby my daughter I'm your father ".No I'm sorry sir but I have my own parents "."but...""she just has a memory slip shell be fine""I hope"what kinda docter is he.

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