A dream come true

Seven friends had finally saved enough money to go see a one direction concert. they didn't get front row seats or backstage passes but two of the friends were determined to meet the band. Mckenzie an bailey ha formed a plan about a week before the concert, and if I do say so myself it was full proof. The other four friends thought they were just going to see a concert and go home but Mckenie and Bailey had other things in mind. Adaeze, Bridget, Gracie, Brianna, and Sydney thought they would never meet one direction but all that was about to change.


6. The best day ever


ok so as you know last night was AMAZING!!!!! So amazing that the boys want to meet up again today. So we met at the girls favorite ice cream place Cherry berry. so Bailey said hey guys when the boys got there and ran up to give them a big hug(especially harry)so they all ordered their ice cream and got themselves a table. They talked and talked and when Liam went up to throw away everyone ice cream cups Sydney followed. They took a walk to the far away trashcan outside they talked about their hobbies Sydney admitted how she loved making stories. Most her stories involve people but in wolf form. Liam admitted how he loved running track. Sydney found this very attractive as she is a track runner herself. When Liam threw the ice cream cups away Sydney dropped her pen as they both leaned down to pick it up they kissed when they agreed not to tell anyone about the kiss the forgot that their was a window right their and that the group saw everything. The group agreed not to say anything unless Sydney or Liam did. Niall went to the thrift store next to cherry berry to see if he could find anything interesting. Fortunately Gracie goes to thrift stores all the time and she could help him find what he needed. As Gracie and Niall were carrying all the stuff they needed Gracie tripped and Niall caught her she says " sorry tripped over the rug" he says " That's ok because now you're even closer to me" at these words they kissed the group was at the car waiting so they didn't see anything Gracie said to Niall  until we're ready let's keep this a secret" they both agreed paid and walked out the thrift store. Bailey had forgot her credit card at home but that was ok since Louis and harry knew how to drive harry drove bailey home to get it. As they arrived at Bailey's house Bailey opened the door and realized her credit card wasn't on the dresser. Harry agreed to help her look. Bailey started crawling under the bed looking for it she was so far under the bed harry didn't see her he looked under there to. Bailey heard a noise but figured she was being paranoid. harry and bailey crawled closer and closer to each other until they bumped heads. They rolled on the floor laughing as they realized they scared each other like that. when they got up they were face to face they leaned closer and closer until they finally kissed. They got up and agreed unless you want to you dot have to say anything. They found the credit card and left. Bridget and zany were holding hands and walking down the French quarter while everyone else was at cafe' du monde getting beingets. In front of the waterfall Bridget and Zayn were talking and zayn kissed Bridget on the cheek. All these secrets in the group that will never be told or will they....

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