A dream come true

Seven friends had finally saved enough money to go see a one direction concert. they didn't get front row seats or backstage passes but two of the friends were determined to meet the band. Mckenzie an bailey ha formed a plan about a week before the concert, and if I do say so myself it was full proof. The other four friends thought they were just going to see a concert and go home but Mckenie and Bailey had other things in mind. Adaeze, Bridget, Gracie, Brianna, and Sydney thought they would never meet one direction but all that was about to change.


7. Secrets revealed

It had been about a week and all the girls as well as the guys had secrets. Finally one day Sydney finally called an level 5 emergency girl meeting at subway 12:00. Level 5 must be something very serious. so we arrived at subway and we were ordering where we went to our table. Sydney started talking ok there's something I've been keeping from you guys. That day at cherry berry  when Liam and I went to  throw the ice cream cups we kissed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner she continued but we cut her off "Sydney it's ok we already knew about the kiss we were just waiting for you to tell us. Then Gracie spoke u "I have a confession... that day in the thrift store I kissed Niall" Bridget spoke up "Zayn kissed me on the cheek it felt awesome". bailey says 'Well while we're confessing me and harry kissed no big deal". "so why'd it take so long to confess" says Brianna. We all had the same answer "we agreed not to" I mean if you think about what famous person would want a reputation of dating us. To break the silence bailey says "well let's break out the cookies.Everyone started laughing and it was a good and fun thing not for much longer though.......

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