A dream come true

Seven friends had finally saved enough money to go see a one direction concert. they didn't get front row seats or backstage passes but two of the friends were determined to meet the band. Mckenzie an bailey ha formed a plan about a week before the concert, and if I do say so myself it was full proof. The other four friends thought they were just going to see a concert and go home but Mckenie and Bailey had other things in mind. Adaeze, Bridget, Gracie, Brianna, and Sydney thought they would never meet one direction but all that was about to change.


3. Phase Two

We all just came out the arena and we made sure everyone could see  long the restroom line is. "oh no" bailey said "I can't wait that long We should left earlier". Than Mckenzie "Here's an upside to having your mom work here she shows you lots  of shortcuts. Follow me". So we went down the passageway everything was going according to plan, But then Adaeze and Sydney got suspicious. "Isn't the restroom on the opposite side of the arena" they said simotaneously. Bailey and Mckenzie looked at each other "umm well we May have umm tri' but McKenzie cut her off " yes but this shortcut takes us all the way there". Then Gracie and Brianna jumped in "how comes it seems it's taking us farther and farther away from the other side of the arena" Mckenzie saved us then to "Because that's how it's made to look so if people discover it then it looks like it's taking them somewhere else and not the restroom. Ok so we went farther and farther down the passageway and made it to the end. We made it the coast was clear or so we thought.....

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