A dream come true

Seven friends had finally saved enough money to go see a one direction concert. they didn't get front row seats or backstage passes but two of the friends were determined to meet the band. Mckenzie an bailey ha formed a plan about a week before the concert, and if I do say so myself it was full proof. The other four friends thought they were just going to see a concert and go home but Mckenie and Bailey had other things in mind. Adaeze, Bridget, Gracie, Brianna, and Sydney thought they would never meet one direction but all that was about to change.


5. Breaking the ice

So it was kind of awkward at first I mean they had almost run over each other but adaeze, Brianna, and Bailey were the crazy ones in the group they were never shy they were going to make this work. So Adaeze asked "so now that you're not on camera who plays what role in the band". They said "Harry plays the flirty one, Louis plays the funny one, Niall plays the cheeky one, Zayn plays the quiet one, and Liam plays the logical one". As a joke they asked the same question back this time Sydney answered "Mckenzie plays the funny one, Bridget plays the artistic one, Adaeze plays the quiet one, Bailey plays the crazy one, Brianna plays the shy one, Gracie plays the smart one, and I play the nice one". I think that broke the ice because it was getting easier and easier  to talk to them. We lost track of time I think some of them even gained crushes(some of the girls already had crushes). They all got each other cell numbers and right after they said goodbye they were texting each other. The rest of the group swore they would never doubt Mckenzie and Bailey again. It gets even better the boys want to meet with the girls again tomorrow. Four of the girls were in for a very sweet surprise. 

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