More than Friends

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2. the kiss.

When I woke up, Blake was already up. We had only about an hour left to go. this was amazing, I'm going to Hawaii with my bestfriend. Nothing could go wrong, Blake didnt know that I was awake. I was looking at him & he looked sexy, did I just say that.

Blake: Morning babe.

chase: morning babe.

Blake: you slept almost this whole ride, are you okay?

Chase; I didnt get alot of sleep, I was so happy to be wi-going to hawaii.

Blake: oh. okay. Chase?

Chase: yes blake?

Blake: umm...I wanted you want some pudding?

I knew thats not what he was going to say. Something was going on, I wanted to know. I'm not going to make things awkward, so I'll just not say anything.

Chase: yeah..sure.

Blake: Ma'ma? Can we get some pudding?

Ma'ma: Yes sir. What flavor?

Blake: Chocolate please.

I smiled at him, he looked at me with a smirk. he was about to do something to piss me off. he handed me my pudding & we talked for about another hour & before we even realized we were right above Honolulu Hawaii !

*Flight Announcement*

Please turn off all electronics & buckle up. We are now landing in Honolulu Hawaii airport. Enjoy your stay!

I was so excited that Blake had to buckle me up. He grabbed my hand, we locked fingers. i was blushing like a damn idiot.

Blake: Chase. We're here!

Chase: I know! Hurry up! Lets go babe! 

Blake grabbed the bags & I grabbed my carry-on bag. We got off the plane & there was a man standing with a paper in his hand saying Mr. & Mrs. Ferreira. I turned around and smiled. 

Blake: I have a surprise for you. 

The man walked up to us & got our bags. Blake blind folded me & helped me walk to the car.

Chase: Can you tell me where we are going?

Blake: Nope. 

Chase: ugg. I hate you. 

Blake: I love you too babe!

 Kissing my cheek after he was done talking. 

Chase: stop making me smile ! You know I'm trying t- 

I was shut up with a kiss. His lips were so soft, they tasted like candy. Wait ! My "bestfriend" just kissed me! I don't care. I like it. Blake started to slowly make-out with me, making sure it was okay with me. He was obviously enjoying it, he tried to get his tongue in but I wanted to tease him, so I came out of the kiss. 

Blake: Hey! 

Chase: hey babe! 

Blake: you're teasing me aren't you?! 

Chase: you get nothing until we get to where ever we are going & I like the surprise. 

Blake: well, we're here.  

Blake helped me out & unblind folded me. My jaw dropped! It was amazing! We were at gorgeous greenway bay hotel & beach. 

Blake: you like? 

Chase: I love! 

Man: sir, here is your keys to your penthouse. Your bags are already in your room.

Blake: thanks.

Chase: penthouse !? Blake that cost way to much money! 

Blake: my family is rich. 

Chase: let's go. 

I grabbed Blake's hand & we ran to the elevator. It was all the way at the top of course, we put the key in and opened the doors. 

Chase: I call dibs on the master bedroom ! (As I started running) 

blake: there is only two rooms. I get that room! 

I couldn't find the master bedroom, but found every other fucking room in the god damn house! Blake came up behind be, wrapped his arms around my waist. I turned around so I was now looking right into his eyes. I wanted to tease him more, so I took his hands & moved them down to my ass. Went in for a kiss, Blake let his guard down so I pushed him on the couch & I finally found the room. I jumped & laid on the bed. Blake came running in seconds later. 

Blake: that's not fair! You tricked me! 

Chase: yeah babe. I did. 

Blake crawled on top of me & leaned in for a kiss, well I thought for my mouth, but he started kissing my neck. 



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