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1. The day we change our life's.

Today was the day Blake & I go to Hawaii. We are gonna live there until for awhile. I actually don't know how long. I looked at the clock it was already 9:30, Blake was gonna be here in 30mins. Stupid alarm didn't go off! I got up & threw on a purple undershirt,Blake's hoodie, some skinny-jeans from American Eagle, & my black vans. I put my hair into a messy bun, put a little bit of make-up on & brushed my teeth. Before I knew it, it was already 10:00. I heard my Mom walking up the stairs, she opened the door & she said Blake was here. I grabbed my bags, my phone, & my carry-on bag & put some snacks in there. We were gonna be on a 19hr flight. Blake honked the horn & yelled "Hurry up! We will miss the plane!" I walked out the door & Blake got out of the car, ran over & helped me with my bags. 

Blake: Here let me get those for you. Damn Chase! What the hell is in these bags!?

chase: a girls always gotta be prepared for anything.

Blake: you prepared enough? These way 50tons! 

Chase: oh my god ! It's almost 10:20! Lets go! 

Blake: shit! 

He picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, put the bags in the back & got in the car & put me in passengers seat. It only took 5 minutes for us to get there. When we did, Blake went to do something & I got on the plane. I sat down & there was only one other seat beside me & I knew exactly who was gonna sit there. I looked around the plane & didn't see Blake anywhere. I was getting worried..

*Flight Announcement* 

please buckle your seat belts, the doors are about to be closed & we will be taking off shortly. 

Chase: where the hell were you?! I thought you were going to miss the fucking plane?!!

Blake: well, I'm here now babe. 

He giggled with a smirk on his face. I couldn't help but smile.  

Chase: that's not funny.

i said trying not to smile.

Blake: okay, sorry babe. 

For the record, he calls me babe all the time. Just what he does, he doesn't like me like that. 

Chase: you are forgivin blake. 


we will be taking off in 2minutes. Please buckle your seat belts, turn all electronics off. Thank you. 

We buckled our seat belts & before we knew it we were taking off. The light for you can unbuckle came on. We unbuckled & Blake got out his laptop & went on Netflix & put on my favorite movie "The Vow", he put it on the desk thingy on the back of the seats in front of us, put a blanket over us & before I knew it I was falling asleep & so was Blake.  

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