Scaredy Katty

Katty and Niall are best friends and she accepts when he leaves for tours and comes back for his last few months of school. Katty and Niall have always been so close and Niall loves Kat but never told her. The day before prom Katty gets really upset because she doesn't have a date. Nialls sister, Jasmine begs and tries to persuade Niall to ask Katty to the prom. Will Jazzy convince him to? And where does their relationship stand? Will Niall and her date and if so... What will the increasing fans say?



"I missed you too Katty." he said, letting go of me. "YOUR SUCH A PEASANT FOR LEAVING ME YOU KNOW THAT?!?!" I screamed at him. He just laughed. "Sleepover at Katty's!" Jazzy screamed grabbing my hand. "Okay I will be right over okay? I got Katty a gift." Niall said, walking out of the room. I smiled he always does this. I get him gifts when i go out with my dad to the states... I mean we moved to the U.S. with Niall when we were younger. Ever since then we have been best friends. I have only went to my grandma's house in England and the other ones in Ohio. I also went to Florida several times my dad likes to let his labels preform there. I just wish i could be a singer and tour the world too or at least get a job with music... I mean that or like styling and choosing cool fads. We sat down in my living room when my obnoxious half-sister comes in and starts jumping up and down. "Whats up?" I asked her, giving her a look up and down. "I just got One Direction tickets!!!" she said, spinning around. I rolled my eyes. "You could have gotten them for free if you just asked my dad." i said, crossing my arms. "Are you kidding me!" she said, looking at me. "Nope have fun!" i said, sarcastically smiling at her.


Lets just say she was not to happy by that comment so she stormed off probably to try and break the lock into my room and go through my stuff. Pretty soon Niall showed up at my house. He handed me a letter and a small box. I smiled and opened the letter. 

Dearest Katty, Over the few months of tour i have missed you very dearly. I wanted you there with me.... seeing the sights and exploring the world! Listening to our music. Cheering me on, making me less homesick. I feel like i can not do anything without you. I missed you so so much and i feel like calling didn't help. So please accept this invitation to come with me when i go back on tour. I would love it if you came! 

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