Scaredy Katty

Katty and Niall are best friends and she accepts when he leaves for tours and comes back for his last few months of school. Katty and Niall have always been so close and Niall loves Kat but never told her. The day before prom Katty gets really upset because she doesn't have a date. Nialls sister, Jasmine begs and tries to persuade Niall to ask Katty to the prom. Will Jazzy convince him to? And where does their relationship stand? Will Niall and her date and if so... What will the increasing fans say?


1. Welcome back!

I was in my living room hanging out with my best friend and neighbor Jazzy when she jumped up and smiled really wide. I frowned at her throwing her money for our monopoly game down. "What gives?" i asked her, starting to pack up the tiny game pieces  "Come on get up lets go!" she said, pulling me to my feet. "Where are we going?" i asked as i slid on my sandals. "No where just come on!" she said, pulling me outside and over to her house. I sighed no use fighting with Jasmine she always gets what she wants! She pulled me inside. "Put this on!" she said, handing me a blindfold. "Why?" i asked, raising my eyebrows. "Its your birthday present and its a surprise so do it!" she said, smiling at me. I sighed and put it on. Pretty soon she was pulling me into a room and setting me down somewhere then i heard muffled voices and whispers. Then someone was in my face. 


"Um.. Hello." I said, tempted to take off this blindfold. "Hey Beautiful!" the person said and i jumped up and hugged them. I did not even have to take off my blindfold to know that the guy who was in my face was my best friend, Niall. He always made me feel better when i am sad and calms me down when i am made and makes me happy! I missed him so much when he had to go out on tour. "I missed you!" i said, taking off my blindfold and hugging him some more.


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