Angelica is a normal teenager until two guys walk into her life and completely change it. Will she stay with what she thinks is the perfect guy or will she choose the strong and abusive guy.


7. Chapter 7

Joey was still asleep when i woke up in his arms. I looked over to the clock and it was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I carefully got up so that i wouldn't wake him up. He was sleeping on the edge of the bed and my side of the bed was blocked by a wall so i had to crawl on top of Joey dog-style. Just as i was on top of Joey he began to wake up. 

"Good morning beautiful." He smiled and flipped me to the bottom of him and began to kiss me, as he kissed me i could feel his muscular bruised torso. When he felt my soft fingers on his body he began to smile in between the kiss.  

"How did you sleep?" I asked when he finally let me go. 

"Great especially because i was with you," He kissed my cheek, "and you?" 

"Fine. Hey imma go make breakfast you want anything?" I asked. 

"No i'm fine." He answered. 

"Okay, be right back." I said. I walked out the room to the hall way that led me to the living room which was right next to the kitchen. I walked in and grabbed a cup of Orange. I was just about to turn when somebody pushed me up against the wall. The drink spilled all over the floor and the broken glass flew everywhere. I still didn't know who had pushed me, i was still staring at the spilled juice. Just as i was about to look up, the figure began to roughly kiss me as his hand was placed on the wall and his free hand was placed on my hips. 

"Liam." I thought. Who else would be this crazy to do this? He began to lead me to the living room, my bare feet rubbed against the glass on the floor, the pain was unbearable but the kiss was distracting me from the cuts. My hands were placed on his head full of hair which made me pull it when the pain was beginning to hurt even more. He softly laid me down on the couch and let go of my lips. My eyes finally opened and to my surprise it wasn't Liam. 

"Joey?" I though out loud. 

"Angelica." He answered. 

"You know that's no what i meant." I said. He began to kiss me again as he climbed on top of me. I guess this was his way to shut me up. He began to thrust his hips against mine as his lips were busy with mine, he began to take off his shirt when my phone began to ring. I got up and put all my weight on my elbows. 

"You should probably get that." Joey muttered. 

"Ya' think?" I sarcastically answered. Joey got off of me and i began to walk towards my phone. 

"Hello?" I answered. 

"Don't forget to be ready by 7, i'll be by your house at 6:30" A deep voice said. 

"Who is this?" I questioned. 

"You should know." He mischievously answered and then hung up. Who could it be? My mind totally blanked out, i began to retrace my past few days. 

"Dammit! I totally forgot." I ran to my room. I began to look in my drawers when walked into the room. 

"Forgot what?" He asked. 

"I have a date with Liam." 

"Ohhhhh...." He stared at the floor. 

"Sorry" i said. 

"It's okay." He muttered. I walked into the restroom to get my brush for my hair and when i walked out joey was gone. I continued to look for an outfit for the date, nothing too slutty or nothing to grandmaish. I finally found the perfect pair of jeans so all i needed was a top and shoes. I walked into my closet as i took off my shirt. I began to look through my tops when i felt somebody watching me. I ignored the feeling and kept looking for a top until i heard a chuckle behind me. I looked over my shoulder and to my surprise Liam was sitting at the tip of my bed with his famous smirk across his face. He stood up and began to walk towards me, every step he took i walked a step back until the wall behind me held me stopped me. He grabbed my waist as he examined my breasts. 

"You look good." He joked. 

"I'm not done." I said as i pushed him out the door and slammed it on his face. Because of the tension i just grabbed whatever shirt. I put on a pair of pumps and walked out the room. Liam began to look me up and down, he would pay more attention to my breasts of course, being the pedophile that he was. 

"He what you been doing?" He asked, pointing to my shirt. I looked down to the spot Liam was pointing at, my shirt had a stain, and a big one. 

"Shut up, and be right back." I demanded. I walked back into the room and put on one of my new tops on, i quickly examined it just in case Liam got any ideas. I walked out the room where Liam did the same as before. 

"Are you sure you wanna wear such a new shirt, don't wanna get any of your clothes dirty." He smiled and winked. I rolled my eyes and began to walk in front of Liam, very aware of the fact that he would be staring north my equator. I stopped at the door and looked at Liam straight in the eyes. 

"Try not to have too much fun"  

Liam laughed and opened the door to the house, we walked to Liam's car which was parked right in front of the house, he opened the passenger's door for me, when i got into the car Liam chuckled and slammed the door. Now there was no turning back.

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