Angelica is a normal teenager until two guys walk into her life and completely change it. Will she stay with what she thinks is the perfect guy or will she choose the strong and abusive guy.


5. Chapter 5

"Angie wake up!" Emily yelled. She shook me by my shoulder until she saw me wake up. 

"Alright, alright i'm up!" I rubbed my eyes. 

"You sleep so much." Kimberly said. 

"Well i'm sorry if my best friends are the laziest people, and they taught me how to be lazy." I teased. 

"I see your point." Kimberly laughed. I got up to brush my teeth and to wash my face.  

"Hey i invited Joey over is that okay?" Kimberly asked. 

"Yeah." I confirmed. 

"Angelica and Joey sitting on a bench, first comes" Emily sang. 

"Don't dare say it." I pointed at her. 

"LOVE" they all sang. They began to laugh as i continued to brush my teeth with hatred. 

After we all got dolled up i began to cook breakfast with Isabella. Megan and Emily were sitting at the table goofing off while Kimberly was watching TV. 

"Do you actually feel anything for Joey?" Isabella asked. 

"You know what? I don't know i just met him yesterday." I said. 

"And?! The same with Liam and you already let him stick his penis inside of you!" She stated. 

"Shut up." I nudged her arm. I walked to the table to serve the girls they're food. 

"Where's the bacon?" Asked Megan. 

"There's no bacon." I answered. 

"I need my bacon, i can't live without my baco-"  

"Alright! I'll cook you some." I interrupted.  

"Brrr" the doorbell rang. 

"I'll get it!" Yelled Kimberly. You could hear her opening the door and have having a distinct conversation with the person at the door. Soon they both walked into the kitchen. 

"It's Joey!" Kimberly excitedly yelled. 

"Yeah... No shit." Murmured Megan making Emily crack up. Joey smiled and waved at me as he flicked his hair off his forehead, revealing his beautiful blue eyes. 

"You guys wanna go to the mall or something?" He asked. 

"Yeah, but let me eat first." Megan pointed out. 

"Everything's on me." He said. 

"Thanks." I said. 

"Angie, the guy's a keeper." Teased Emily. 

"Shut up" i blushed. Joey was also already beginning to blush. He reached out to get some bacon from the plate on the table when Megan slapped his hand away, 

"Mine, or i'll stab you with a spoon." Megan joked. 

After we finished eating, joey drove us to the mall where we parked in front of Forever 21. We entered the store and "Beautiful Girls" by Bruno Mars was playing on the speakers. 

Isabella grabbed Emily by the wrist and said, "we'll be over there, looking at the tops" 

"Okay." I said. 

"I'll go to the food court with Kimberly" Megan said. 

"Yeah, leave you two alone." Kimberly winked. Megan and Kimberly walked off giggling, looking back at us until we were out of sight. 

"Soooo, where do you wanna go?" Joey asked. 

"What about..." I said looking around the store. 

"The accessories department?" I asked. 

"Sure" he said. 

"C'mon." I grabbed his wrist and began to walk to the rack filled with necklaces, earrings, scarfs, and so on. We passed the dresses and then the tops where Emily and Isabella were trying on clothes. When we got to our destination i instantly went to the hats. 

"How do i look?" I asked picking up a hat and placing it on my head. 

"Beautiful." He answered as he sat down on the chair in front of him. 

"Don't exaggerate." I blushed. 

"It's true." He argued. 

"Whatever." I waved my hand in the air as i began to look on the rack. Every once in a while i would look up at joey who still sat on the chair. 

"Isn't that the reason why Liam is going out with you?" He asked. I stopped searching through the racks when he asked this. 

"We're NOT going out." I confirmed. 

"Doesn't seem like it to me." He said. 

"I swear! Best friends promise." I joked. 

"Oh, so now we're best friends?" He blushed. 

"Yeah." I answered as i began to look on the rack again. My phone began to vibrate in my pocket when everything became silent. 

I opened the message.

Isabella: where are you guys!? The girls and i are waiting for you at the food court. Hurry up on sucking Joey's dick. XD 

Me: .... 

Isabella: get over here. 

Me: chill. We'll be there in a bit.

I put my phone away. 

"What is it?" Joey asked. 

"Trust me, you don't wanna know." I said. 

"Alright." He answered. 

"We have to go the girls are waiting for us." 

"Kk" he said. We began to walk to the exit of the store. 

"So if Liam isn't your boyfriend that means i can do this?" He asked and began to hold my hand. I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back revealing his beautiful white smile. We walked past H&M, Old Navy, Marshall's, Hollister's, and Aeropostale before we arrived at the food court. 

"Uhhhhh, they're holding hands!" Yelled Emily. Joey and i let go of each others hands after she said this. 

"It was nothing," i said and looked over at Joey, "right?" He looked down with a frown. 

"Yeah." He answered. 

"Where to next?" Asked Isabella. 

"How about Claire's? I need to buy a pair of sunglasses." Suggested Kimberly. 

"Okay." Isabella agreed. The six of us began to walk towards the store which was all the way at the other side of the mall. When we got to the store, my feet hurt and i preferred to stay outside and wait. 

"I'll wait here." I said. 

"Me too." Joey agreed. 

"Okay, but don't have too much fun." Megan teased. I frowned at her comment. When the girls were deep in the store Joey finally began to talk. 

"What was that?" Joey asked. 

"What?" I answered. 

"You rejecting the fact that we were holding hands." 

"I don't know." I shrugged. 

"Don't you get it? I've been in love with you ever since i saw you for the first time" he confessed. I couldn't say anything. I was frozen stiff. 

"What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to reject me?" He asked. 

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused. 

"Every single girl i like has rejected me, that's why i didn't wanna tell you. I thought you would reject me like every other girl i've fancied." He said looking my eyes. 

"Kiss me." I answered. 

"What?" He stuttered. 

"Kiss me." I repeated. 

He began to lean in and so did i. He placed his hand on the back of my head. Just as our lips were about to lock, The unexplainable happened.

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