Angelica is a normal teenager until two guys walk into her life and completely change it. Will she stay with what she thinks is the perfect guy or will she choose the strong and abusive guy.


3. Chapter 3

We all jumped up at the bang, nobody spoke. "BANG!" The door shook again. "Open the door!" A raspy voice yelled. I walked towards the door, slow steps, my hand fidgeting on the door knob. "Should i open it or not?" I questioned myself. Before i knew it a tall dark figure stood before me, his hands clenched, his deep neck vein popping out of his neck. Liam. His eyes grazed into mine, without leaving his sight of me, he said, "out." The girls wouldn't leave, they just stood still in amazement.  "OUT." He said even louder. The girls all walked out the door in a single-file line, each of them looking at me with sorrow.  "What's wrong with you!" I yelled in his face.  "No, what's wrong with YOU?" He said pointing at me with his free hand. I looked at him with a look of disgust. He stared at the plain white wall when suddenly a smile crept on his face.  "I just wanna make you feel good." He said biting his lip.  "Well you're not doing a good job."  "I'll show you" He whispered into my ear. This phrase scared the shit outta me, what would he do? He pushed me into the wall and grabbed a hold of my waist. He leaned for a kiss, but i denied an entrance.  "So that's how you're gonna be" He teased. He leaned in again, but this time it was to my neck. He bit into the already red skin making it feel in pain. I pulled my head back as i moaned, "Liam...... Stop." His body was pulled against mine, soon he made his way up to my face and was able to get a kiss out of me. His hands then dropped to my bum. he walked us to the couch, still kissing me as he walked me to the couch. He pushed me the couch and climbed on top of me. He started to roughly kiss me as he massaged my breasts. I moaned through all this until he said, "where's the condom?"  "My backpack." I answered.  "Be right back, don't go anywhere." He stated. He walked to the restroom, grabbing my backpack as he walked to the room.   After 5 minutes of being in the restroom he finally walked out without a shirt and jeans. His boxers perfectly shaped his full length, and his abs were perfectly shaped. He walked towards me and began to lean in for a kiss. I held him back, "no," i said, "it's my...... First time."  "Don't worry, i'll guide you through it." He chuckled. He began to strip my clothes off. once he finished, he began to roughly bounce on top of me as he kissed me from my lips to my nipples. He kissed them at first and then licked them. I then flipped him around. I began to thrust his dick as my soft hands rested on his torso. I could hear him moan through all this.  "Harder!" He yelled. I quickly took action to his request. Suddenly the roles were flipped. He began to slide down his boxers, next thing i knew he was inside of me.  "Unnnnf , Liam," i yelled, "be gentle!" He chuckled and just went harder. I looked back at him and noticed his deep dimples chuckling at me. He was already beginning to sweat. ************************************************************************************************ He sat at the end of the couch as i got dressed.  "You're amazing in bed." He smirked. I ignored his comment and continued to get dressed.  "Wanna take my condom off?" He asked with a wink.  "No" i quickly answered.  "I don't take no as an answer." He said. I tried to get out of doing it but Liam shoved me to the ground and shoved it in front of my face. I closed my eyes and began to peel it off.  "You're crazy" i said handing him the used condom.  "Keep it" he said putting it into my back pocket and slapping my ass at the end. I shook me head and got back to doing my hair.  "How about a date." He said.  "I don't know."  "I didn't ask you," he commanded, "i'll pick you up Sunday at 7, wear something sexy." He grabbed my phone and dialed his number into a new contact he then sent a text to himself.   "See you later" he winked. That was it. He walked out the house after that. I went for my phone when i heard it ring.

Kimberly:  Are you okay? :| -K 

Me:   yeah... Can you tell the girls to come over? Pretty please XOX 

Kimberly:  Okay, we'll be right over. -K 

Me: thanks, i got lots to tell you guys. -_-

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