Angelica is a normal teenager until two guys walk into her life and completely change it. Will she stay with what she thinks is the perfect guy or will she choose the strong and abusive guy.


2. Chapter 2

i walked into our last class of the day where Liam stood, deep in thought. i walked in front of him, aware of the fact that he would try to touch me. quickly and carefully i managed to get away from him and his dirty hands. Since it was the last day of school, the teacher changed our seats. i got stuck sitting next to a guy named Joey while Kimberly was put with Liam. i could tell by the look on her face that she was deeply scared of the figure sitting next to her. joey was only one year older than me and he had beautiful kind Blue eyes with slightly curly brown hair. Joey was a shy but was also a nice guy, he would always listen to whatever i had to say, annoying or not. once joey and i began to talk more he began to feel more confident around me, and the more he talked to me the more angry Liam became. liam's hand hung loose, clenched hard while his neck vein was nearly impossible to not notice. 


when the last bell of the day rang, liam grabbed my wrist and pulled me out the door with great force. i tried to pull away but his hold was too strong. when he noticed i was trying to escape he turned around and picked me up bridal style, i looked up in admiration of his perfect cheeks and his beautiful lips. his eyes sparkled in the sunshine and the wind shifted through his hair. he carried me to the back of the school gym where he finally put me down and began to kiss me. his tongue was deep inside my mouth making it harder for me to pull away from the kiss. his hand was holding the back of my head while his other hand was on my hips holding me close to his body. my small hands were placed on his torso, i could feel his abs under the black t-shirt he was wearing. he finally pulled away from the lengthy kiss. 'that's for letting that bitch flirt with you. i'm the only guy that will ever stick his dick in your mouth' he claimed, "you got that?" i nodded my head 'yes' in response but that wasn't enough for him. 'you got that?!" he said, way louder than th first time. 

"yes!" i yelled in his face. he tryed to kiss me once more but i had already turned away to face Joey staring at us. liam smiled in sucess when he saw Joey's frightened face. i walked torwards joey and signaled him to follow me leaving Liam behind, by himself. the girls, Joey and I drove home together, first we dropped off Joey at his house and finally we arrived at my house where the five us were going to spend the weekend together. 

"where are your parents?" asked Isabella. 

"they're out of town for the whole weekend and week, don't worry.' i answered. 

"let's have a party!" yelled Kimberly. 

"we can only have a few friends over though, okay?" i said, they all nodded in agreement. 

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

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