Angelica is a normal teenager until two guys walk into her life and completely change it. Will she stay with what she thinks is the perfect guy or will she choose the strong and abusive guy.


1. Chapter 1

It was the last day of school and I was sitting in class listening to the lesson when our 12th grade counselor walked in with a new student. He had slightly long hair formed into a quiff and glowing brown eyes. He seemed so gentle and powerless at the time, attracting me towards him. He noticed me staring at him, i quickly looked away but i could see from the corner of my eye how he was staring. His face held a smirk with mysterious eyes as if he was planning something, his finger tapping the desk. He noticed how i was starting to get disturbed making him release a deep chuckle. Minutes passed and i could feel him still staring at me, his stare was now concentrated on my chest. he finally looked down and started to write something down. i sighed in relief when he finally took this action. When the bell rang i quickly gathered my books and walked to my locker, i could feel him behind me. I could smell his cologne. Hear his chuckles. I could imagine his smirk on his face as he stared at me from the top to the bottom. When i got to my locker, i opened it and placed my books on the top shelf as fast as i could. He came up behind me and slammed the locker door shut, he slid a letter through the opening on the door. I stared at his hand the whole time until he finally put it down making me look him in the eyes. He smirked and grabbed my chin. I pulled away, only to make him chuckle. He started walking away, when one of his hands grabbed a hold of my bum. I jumped up when i felt his hand on my bottom until he finally let go. I finally opened my locker and the note fell out. I picked it up and opened it.

Call me:

909.826.8252 xx ;)


i turned over the note and taped to the middle of the paper was a condom. A Trojan condom to be exact. I looked around just to make sure nobody had seen the scene just a minute ago. The coast was clear, i started to walk to the lunch area where everybody sat eating. To the right were all the wanna-be's and to the left were the normal people. I made my way to the table where my best friends sat, Kimberly, Megan, Emily, and Isabella. Kimberly is the tough one, Megan is the outgoing one, Emily is the funny one, Isabella is the shy one, and last but not least there's me Angelica, the confident one. I looked to my left and there was Liam who also looked up at the same time and smirked. I finally got to the table where i sat down with a grunt.

"Why the long face?" Asked Megan.

"Nothing." I said.

"Yeah right." Isabella said.

"Leave her alone guys, she probably didn't get the cock from Mr.shu." Emily joked. I just rolled my eyes at them and played with the meatloaf from lunch. I swear i love these girls but sometimes they can get on my nerves.

"You have a nice back." A deep voice Whispered. I could feel him sitting down beside me. Maybe a little bit too close. I could feel him breathing into my ear. The feeling made me tingle, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, showing my fear. His mouth then traveled down my neck he then stopped at my collar bone and kissed it. I could feel his pink warm lips pick at my skin. His kiss soon turned into a bite, i closed my eyes hard at the new feeling. When he finally let go of the newly red skin i looked over to my friends who were staring at me with mouths right open. The bell rang and it was time to get to our classes. Kimberly had her next class with me and the others had a different class. When we began to walk to our class i noticed Liam walking the same direction as us. He smiled a mischievous grin at me as he noticed the same thing.

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