My Bdf (best dead friend)

Sleepover gone wrong


1. The sleepover

"Hey what did your mom say about tonight?"."She said no"."Aw that sucks :'(". Just kidding!,she said yes!.YAY!(we both said).Do you know about the others?.Yah they are all yes ,except for Vivia ,"she has homework". Ughh ever since she went to that charter school she's become a nerd :(. "Right!?".Well gotta go to class see you tonight".Bye.Bye. -In history- (pass this to Maddie),(pass this to Maddie),here you go Maddie.Thanks Hailey :). -Inside note- Hey You Have Plans To-Nite?-Ethan.I scribbled on the back , Yah -Blushes-. (Pass this to Ethan),(pass this to Ethan).He mouths ok talk to me later.I said Ok. -At sleepover- Nice pajamas guys -thx- (Emily Was Wearing a one d night gown and her hair was all curly,Chelsea had a green areopostle tee with black fuzzy pants and her hair was put in a bun,Ally was wearing A Bobby jack shirt and matching pajama pants her hair was in piggy tails ,Brookln was wearing a sparkly shirt that said Girls rule on the and was wearing shorts and she had strait hair. So what do you want to talk about ? Ally asked. Chelsea said,I want to know about you and Ethan she said and made kissing noises ,everybody laughed .I said shut up but she saw me blushing and said come on. Fine ,He passed me a note and asked if I had any plans ,and said to talk to him later .OOOO.What about you and Saxton Emily I asked .Ummm who wants to hear a scary story ? she said.
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