Dad, Meet The Boys

Im Ariana Levine. Yup. Im that girl who you all want to be. Invited to those wild parties, with celebrities filled to the rafters. Travelled around the world with my dad and his band, I've even witnessed his rise to fame. He started it to support us, soon everyone loved him, excluding my mother of course. They divorced when he created the band. Now with his fame, she's trying to crawl back into our life like the gold digger she is. My dads not that stupid to take her. Right? But... I've never been in true love so i'll never know. Thats what my dad says anyway.

On one of his many celebrity parties I was invited to, I bumped into a guy. No, not a waiter... I did that last time. This guy was cute and had a British accent. I learned one thing before my dad scared him off. Zayn Malik is his name. He knows I'm Ariana at least, so... We can keep in touch... Right? All I know, is he keeps appearing in my head, but my dad keeps trying to push him out.


2. Chapter 2 ~Zayns POV~

I was dragged to another one of these things. I preferred to be at home, because well... The celebrity life was a little too dazzling. Not saying I didn't like it. I loved it, just... Not all the time. If you catch my drift. Im not treated normal, but I guess I just desire it.

I was to busy walking in my la-la land to notice a girl, walking right towards me. We both noticed each other before colliding. She looked up at me sheepishly and said something from her pink round lips, but I didn't notice. I was to concentrated on her grass green eyes. They captured me fully, calling for my entire attention.

I had to know more about her. "So Sorry about bumping into you, Im Zayn Malik" I smiled sticking my hand out. She accepted it and smiled. "Im Ariana Levine." I smiled and engraved her name into my mind. Her smile could brighten a blind mans day.

A menacing man appeared from behind her, shadowing over her. He was at least a foot taller then her. He glared at me like I had just killed a man and growled at me to leave. I thought about fighting him, but after surveying where we were, his body build, and he had roughly the same amount of tattoos I did, I decided against it and settled with a wave goodbye.

Just to be safe, I kept a close eye on Ariana. I know I sound stalker, but I want to make sure shes safe. For a while, she argued with the intimidating man, showing even though she was tiny, she had a lot of feistiness.

Harry brought my focus to the stage for a second as Jay-Z performed a song, and when I looked back, she disappeared. Maybe she went to the bathroom.


I felt someone grab my collar and drug me towards a darkened area. I was pinned to the wall, and I came to face with the same man. He glared at me. "You stay away from my daughter. Go near her again and I rip off your limbs. Clear?" He growled. I didnt reply. How can he, tell me not to see Ariana. "CLEAR?" He spoke louder. His grip moved to my throat so I just nodded. He released me as I took a deep intake of breathe. "I suggest you forget her name. Try to find her and your done for." He growled, leaving on his heel.


"Zayn, what. Was. THAT?" Louis asked astonished. "What do you mean?" "Adam Levine JUST TALKED TO YOU!" Niall gawked. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Harry added. "I thought he was going to kill you." Liam sighed shaking his head. I looked over at Mr.Levine as he glared into the back of my head. "Oh nothing" I dismissed. "It didnt look like just nothing!" Liam argued. "Its fine... Just a misunderstanding thats all..." I lied through my teeth. They all mumbled along the lines of ok, even though it was more of an understanding.

Maybe I should just forget about Ariana Levine. Its for the best.... Right?

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