Dad, Meet The Boys

Im Ariana Levine. Yup. Im that girl who you all want to be. Invited to those wild parties, with celebrities filled to the rafters. Travelled around the world with my dad and his band, I've even witnessed his rise to fame. He started it to support us, soon everyone loved him, excluding my mother of course. They divorced when he created the band. Now with his fame, she's trying to crawl back into our life like the gold digger she is. My dads not that stupid to take her. Right? But... I've never been in true love so i'll never know. Thats what my dad says anyway.

On one of his many celebrity parties I was invited to, I bumped into a guy. No, not a waiter... I did that last time. This guy was cute and had a British accent. I learned one thing before my dad scared him off. Zayn Malik is his name. He knows I'm Ariana at least, so... We can keep in touch... Right? All I know, is he keeps appearing in my head, but my dad keeps trying to push him out.


1. Chapter 1 ~Arianas POV~

Live entertainment. Thats what celebrity parties always had. It was like a big karaoke night... But with people who could actually sing. I surrounded by older people, and pop sensations my age. Justin Bieber maned up and stepped up to the podium, and started singing one of his many hits. A blonde guy started dancing around while a brunette with a shaved head tried calming him down. I think that was part of One Direction. I never really paid attention to them, but they were part of the British Invasion, which included my idols. Like The Wanted, and Cher Lloyd.

"If I was your boyfriend, Never let you go, keep you 'round my arm girl, never be alone, I can be a gentleman, anything you want. If I was your boyfriend, never let you go, never let you go, Tell me what you like girl tell me what you dont, I can be your buzz lightyear fly across the globe...." Justins voice rang through the party. A few Canadian artists were present, like Justin, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mariana's Trench, and Avril Lavigne. Ha. Avril Lavigne. Our last names are almost identical. Funny.

I walked through the crowd towards the food table. It always had alot since celebrities ate a ton, then worked it off some how. I know how the celebrity business works, And I NEVER wanna be in it. Its haunting a scary, which is why my Singing talent, is only known to my best friend.


I had a small plate in my hand, stocked with a decent amount of food that peeked my interest. I looked down at the appetizing collection of food I choose and smiled. It made my mouth water.

I looked up for a split second, and almost ran right into someone, We both stopped and regained our balance after the almost encounter.

This is the second time tonight I've done that. Accept I tripped the waiter cuz he wouldn't let me have a drink. Its his fault. "Sorry" I sheepishly smiled looking up at the boy.

His eyes were pretty. Like really pretty. They looked like little brown gem stones. Mine were just a dull green compared to his brilliant orbs of eyes.

"Hello Darling. So sorry I bumped into you. Im Zayn Malik." He smiled extending his hand. I shook it and smiled. "Im Ariana Levine". "And you best be going." My father growled from behind me. Zayn nodded and waved a goodbye to me, earning a glare from my father.

"DAD!" I complained. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" I screamed as loud as I could without making a scene. "He's rotten and no good. I can tell." He frowned. "Is it because he's British? Because mom was British and you didn't give a damn!" "That was different!" He shot back angered. "NO ITS NOT!" I debated. I scratched the back of my head. "You know what, Im going." "Where would you go Ariana? You cant drive" He smirked amused. "I have these two mystical things called legs." I sassed as I started walking out the door of the party. "ARIANA JENNIFER LEVINE! GET BACK HERE!" He screamed as I walked down the street. I would be in giant trouble when I got home, But I didn't care.

I started the hike to the Jonas mansion. I was close friends with Nick. Close is an understatement actually. Me and him are best friends, He understands me. I just hope he can understand me now. I really need his advice.


"So lemmie get this straight, He's adorable and you only know his name because Adam scared him off right." Nick asked placing the pieces together. "Yup" I confirmed. "And His name is..." Nick asked amused. I looked up at him and squinted because of the harsh lights. "Zayn Malik". He just chuckled at my reply "along with you and millions of other girls, but really who is he?" Nick chuckled. "He told me Zayn Malik. What do you mean by millions of other girls?" I asked confused. "He was at a celebrity party, he's a celebrity-" "Well so are you, but you didnt go" I smirked. "Those are for people flaunting their money. Anyway, Zayn Malik is part of the British Invasion." Nick Concluded. "He's in The Wanted? Whatttt" I asked confused. Nick just sighed and shook his head, and looked at me as if I was completely stupid. "No Ari. He's in One Direction"

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