Surviving Love

Hello there. My name's Arilynn Meyers. Born and raised in South Carolina, USA, where I live with my mom and dad. I also attend Richmond High, where I'm a Junior, and where I also met this boy named Blake Newman, he's a senior now. He is one of the star players on our school's soccer team, and is the wide receiver on the football team. Oh, and we've been dating a little over two years now. We began dating on March 26, 2011,and now it's May 19, 2013. Everyone always say we are a cute couple, and how they want to be in a relationship like ours. Lately my parents have been arguing a lot, and when they do, I lock myself in my room, and call Blake. He's always there for me when I need someone, and vise versa. I really don't know if my parents will get a divorce or not. I've been going through some hard times lately, so has Blake. Both of our dads are having problems with their jobs, and things have been really hard. I just hope me and Blake will be able to get through it together.


2. Blake Ryan Newman

                                                   Blake Ryan Newman


Hi guys, my name is Blake. I am seventeen years old, and I attend Richmond High, along with my beautiful girlfriend, Arilynn Meyers. I am involved in a couple of sports, such as soccer and football. Quite a few guys at my school look up to me because I'm "an all around good kid," by many people's standards, just because I'm athletic and make good grades, and I have a plan for the future. Recently hard times have fallen upon me and my family. My father's job hasn't been so secure, and many of his friends and co-workers have been laid off, it is a surprise my father still even has his job at the moment. My mother has been trying to help him look for new jobs as a backup for if and when he gets fired. At this moment in my life, the only thing that is good in this world, is Arilynn. These days, everyone is corrupt, evil, or rude. Hopefully Arilynn and I will make it through this.



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