Surviving Love

Hello there. My name's Arilynn Meyers. Born and raised in South Carolina, USA, where I live with my mom and dad. I also attend Richmond High, where I'm a Junior, and where I also met this boy named Blake Newman, he's a senior now. He is one of the star players on our school's soccer team, and is the wide receiver on the football team. Oh, and we've been dating a little over two years now. We began dating on March 26, 2011,and now it's May 19, 2013. Everyone always say we are a cute couple, and how they want to be in a relationship like ours. Lately my parents have been arguing a lot, and when they do, I lock myself in my room, and call Blake. He's always there for me when I need someone, and vise versa. I really don't know if my parents will get a divorce or not. I've been going through some hard times lately, so has Blake. Both of our dads are having problems with their jobs, and things have been really hard. I just hope me and Blake will be able to get through it together.


1. Arilynn Grace Meyers



                                                                             Arilynn Grace Meyers

                                                                         ( description in story info C: )



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