i won't give up

This is about a girl wo goes at see his grandma in guam. She meets this guy there and fall in love but he never had the guts to ask her out until her last day. After that it becomes 3 months later and she forgets all about there love but he still is looking for her to be with her again.


14. skipping school

                                                                                       Briannas POV:

I missed 2 weeks of school. I really didnt want to go there anymore but my dad forced me to go i was a loner now but at least i had alex until i saw him kissing my bestfriend well now im a loner. I was called many things that day slut, bitch, ugly, well practically anything you can think of. It was only lunch time and i couldnt take it no more. I saw Carson walking with his new friends (his cousin) he walked right past me i waved and he winked that must mean he still likes me right. I kept eating then i saw this big crowd form around me. then Raina said

"aww look at this ugly slut by herself why by yourself"she asked meanly i heard a bunch of people giggling

"because..."i started to say but she interupted me

"oh wait know i remember because you broke your promise with Carson i dont get why you did that hes a hotty any girl can have him now haha you cant have him you ugly little slut"as she walked towards me.

Everyone started laughing at me pointing laughing everything i couldnt take so i tryed to walk away then raina tripped me and i feel to the ground everyone laughed i layed there crying then i saw someone walk towards me carson.

"are you okay"he asked

"ya im im fine"i said lieing to him

"no your not" he said and huged me

"Carson why are you doing this she broke your heart why"said Raina

"well cuz i care unlike some people oh ya you.your her friend you kiss her boyfriend and yyou turn against her i believe thats worse then what she did. did you hear that people she kissed her boyfriend and turned against her best friend hmm to me i think shes the queen of ugly sluts ant that right"he said he bent back down to pick me up and took me to this place at the back of the school it was nice view.

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