i won't give up

This is about a girl wo goes at see his grandma in guam. She meets this guy there and fall in love but he never had the guts to ask her out until her last day. After that it becomes 3 months later and she forgets all about there love but he still is looking for her to be with her again.


15. my love

                                                                                   Brianna POV:

"why did you do that for me"i asked

"well i dont know i just hate when people do that its annoying"he said

"oh well you didnt have to"i said

"did you wanna get hurt back there without me you would be be skipping school again and everyone will be still hating you"he said

"how did you know i was in trouble i mean you walked past me a couple min before that happened"i asked

"uh uh Brianna theres somethings about me you dont know" he said

                                                                                      Carsons POV:

should i tell her. I have to its sooner or later i got to tell her that im a werewolf. 

"listen brianna im a..............Werewolf"i said

"your joking"she said

"no i am no joke this is why im like this"i said

"your hair, buff,tat"she said

"uhh ya"i said

"listen im sorry i turned into this but i snapped if i havent snapped that day i wouldnt be like this"i said

"i knnow im sorry"she said

"why you sorry"i said

"because im the one that did this to you Carson"she said

"ahh nah its fine i mean wonder it would happened"i said

"so like wanna see me turn into a wolf"i asked

"uh ya sure"she said

I turned into a werewolf she seemed shocked.

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